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Monday morning phoning it in.

I’m still in Portland for the rest of the day, but good news is that mama bought a camera with an awesome lens, and i’ve been a picture taking queen. I literally have no idea what i’m doing, but my god its fun.  

I’ll be back tomorrow with the Portland update, meanwhile if you are bored click on an old post…. ‘Vintage Emily’, if you will.

On Flowers OR my outfit to room of (my living room, my house)- its a year and a half old, but you get the idea. 

Sorry, i’m phoning it in, i don’t have coffee yet and i have a day of taking pretty pictures in pretty stores surrounded by trees the color of coral, so i’ll be back to full time blogging tomorrow.

ALSO, if you are going to be in Orlando, FL this weekend, come say ‘hi’. I’m speaking at Disney World, Epcot Center wine and design – more info to follow. Its my first speaking engagement and don’t worry i’m not terrified at all.  


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