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Monday morning dream house



Oh what I wouldn’t do to live here.  I would never (well, now, now, I never say never) sell myself, but I might pimp out bearcat for cuddles.  No one, truly, no one loves to cuddle as much as bearcat, she could do it all day everyday and it really doesn’t matter who she’s with. A bit of a floosy, I know.


I feel like we could get $80/day for her, easy.  Of course i would prescreen, don’t be ridiculous, a good pimp always wants to protect her property.  And with the extra dough, i shall buy this house and move to whatever  country this is in.  This house feels luxe and casual at the same time. The photography is so beautiful, but I will say that it looks a bit cold. or could that be because i’m cold right now (thank god it’ll warm up to 73 in no time here).



I love to tile flooring first of all, and the ceilings that they kept original, and those linens, so old and soft, like they’ve been through the wash 500 times.  It’s perfect, i’ll take it.  Down payment, you ask? nope, i’ll take it as is.  Mortgage? oh, no that won’t be necessary, you go ahead and keep it.  Bank loan? no, i’m good. got me a money making kitty.  thanks, though.  (and you have no idea how hard it was to refrain from any less tasteful cat synonyms in that last sentence).


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