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'Moments' from around my house

Playing around with the styling on my dresser. This might feel a big ‘young’ for me, but i like it for the next few days til i change it.  Orlando painted that painting in like 5 minutes for a shoot we had and i might have him add to it, and do it crazier….

Meanwhile notice those porcelain legs? They are so amazing it hurts. I’m selling them on the One Kings Lane Tastemakers sale (SEPTEMBER 18TH MARK YOUR CALENDARS) for $450. Why so much? Because they are amazing ‘pantyhose’ display models from a department stores in 1930’s. I love them very much and in order for me to part with them they will have to go to someone who really loves them.  

True words from a hoarder.  

I’m also selling that blue footed compote from on OKL (with the Ban-do in it) for $65 which i’m already regretting because i think i might love it a lot and need it.  Again, with the hoarding. 

The white vase is from West Elm and the lamp is fro Lawson Fenning.  


Please ignore the teenage level of reading material on my nightstand. Instead notice that bunny.  She was ugly wood and we painted her white, but left the brass, naturally.  I’m in love with her but yes, i’m selling her on the OKL sale (i think for $65 but honestly i don’t remember, it could be more).  Those lamps? Yep, they are rad. And i’m getting my new mattress, adjustable base (you heard me…its awesome) and bedding next week and going to shoot the hell out of my bedroom so stay tuned.  Meanwhile that headboard (vintage, reupholstered in peacock blue velvet) makes me happy every second of the day.  

More mantel styling (watch my Mantel styling video for a how-to).  I put this here mirror up on the mantel two nights ago.  I asked Brian if he liked it and he said, ‘Wasn’t it always there?’. It’s baffling to me. One time i changed the rug in the living room completely – brand new rug, totally different pattern, color and scale, and HE DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE.  So weird.

Meanwhile he isn’t psyched about my obsession with heads in glass boxes (above, on the right).  Well, Brian, i’m not psyched about your lack of obsession with heads in glass boxes. I think its a ‘Return to Oz’ thing.  The heads in boxes scared him when he was younger, but i say what better way to get over your fears than have your wife taunt you daily with them in the guise of home decor?

I’ve decided until i figure out what fun art installation i can put in my unusable/fake fireplace i’m going to pile it up with magazines.  I kinda like how it looks and lord knows i have plenty of magazines.  

I found this chair at a thrift store for $30 and i’m kinda in love with it.  The seat is green needlepoint mushrooms and the wood is the perfect finish (no shine).  I love the simplicity of the back, while still being an ‘antique’.  

 Another head. I know.  Must find him a glass box IMMEDIATELY.  And i think i’m going to sell that portrait of the lady in the teal dress.  I love her dress, i do, but she is not a handsome woman.  Opposite.  

Meanwhile i’m supposed to sell this campaign lingerie dresser on my OKL sale, BUT i’m falling in love with it more and more.  If i do sell it (which i probably will since i have another one) it will be for $900 which is a lot but it cost me $300 to have it professionally lacquered in the most beautiful matte white.  It’s just so pretty.  That jewerly box is vintage and the gold tangle sculpture (that comes with a light, but i like playing around with it as a sculpture) can be found HERE, for $88.

Also, folks oly one more day to enter this giveaway. It expires on my birthday, September 1st. I’m just hoping that whoever wins isn’t a total weirdo who wants to wear my skin as their coat.  Just kidding, I stole that line from Orlando.  

Biggest giveaway yet,   folks. Free trip to Rose bowl,   hotel stay and some cash.  Details on the blog.

Free trip and cash to shop the Rose Bowl with yours truly (and Orlando and Bonnie)….although if you want to navigate that flea market yourself, i definitely don’t have to go…. perhaps you are annoyed by my big blonde locks or can’t hear another word about Bearcat.   I get it.  But if you are on the fence, read these shopping posts, HERE, HERE, and HERE which might entice you.  

To enter, click HERE.  



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