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Mini-Magazine Feature

kourtney kardashian

In case you haven’t heard of Mini Magazine its a pretty awesome digital magazine about modern parenting. As someone not used to (or inclined to) seek out and read parenting info I was shocked to find myself really into this magazine. Tons of good product recommendations of stuff that I actually like and want, plus great interviews. This issue includes Kourtney Kardashian (and you’d be shocked at how cute her house/playroom is), my friend Joy and Freshly Picked.



Check out Mini Magazine here if you are interested, expecting or are already a parent. When I filled out this interview I was so busy I could barely breathe, so I, myself, am excited to read it and see what I actually answered. Terrifying, I know. Happy Thursday.

See the rest of my maternity photos, and read my maternity fashion must haves, and then if you are still into it here is my birth plan and my birth story.

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