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by Emily Henderson

Some fun announcements:

1. I’ll be at the Lowe’s on Pico blvd in Los Angeles TODAY talking about using lowe’s products to style outside.  I would love for any and all of you to come and say ‘hi’.  I’m not bringing in a ton of props, so its not a massive style how-to, and its certainly not a lecture, but maybe i’ll tell you some inappropriate stories from Design Star.  Stuff i can’t talk about on the blog……maybe.

4550 W Pico Blvd  Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 617-9570




2. If you haven’t signed up for Open Sky to follow me, you are in for a treat.  It’s basically an expert curated shopping site.  My first collection was called ‘Gold Rush’ and its a ton of affordable gold/brass/painted gold accessories. 

You can click HERE to follow me.  It includes all this stuff:

My first collection is called ‘Gold Rush’ because i’m extremely rich and i only own things plated in gold. Click HERE,  (and then tell your friends…please).  


My next ‘collection’ is “Made in Oregon” and i want to find more home design companies that are out of Oregon to shop from, to feature/sell their products.  Obviously i love Pendleton, Schoolhouse Electric and Rejuvenation…but i’m forgetting all the rest of you who make large quanitites of home stuff.

It could be textiles, rugs, pillows, boxes, furniture, lighting – anything for the home.  Unfortunately i’m not doing fashion or jewelry right now, so think ‘home’.   Yes, it can be etsy sellers as long as they can make HUGE quantities.  

PLEASE leave it in the comments, not in an email  – its so much easier to peruse. I hate gmail, by the way. And this way other people can see the companies and they can get even more exposure.  

3. You are in for a treat, my Los Angeles Friends.  The best hair stylist/cutter from New York just moved here. And he’s insanely good.  He’s cut and colored my hair for years (except the really short one that i got last year in Woodland Hills that i’m still growing out and he’s still mad at me for).  

His name is Christophe and he works at John Freida in West Hollywood.  He is so effing good you have no idea. There are hair cutters, then their are people like him who will TELL you what your hair should be like – how you will look best.  He’s told me before that my hair was dated, too dark, too bright, or circa Jennifer Anniston on Friends in ’97, but all in a nice way when i’ve asked.  It’s like hiring a designer for your hair, not just someone who you tell what to do.  You are only getting half the service of the price with those people.  Plus he styles it so well that afterwards you look like you stepped out of French Vogue – you feel like you look amazing.

Plus for you guys he’s doing $50 off for your first hair cut (not just a blow-out).  Spread the word. 

Here’s his info:  

 8440 Melrose Place  Los Angeles, CA 90069

(323) 653-4040

Ask for Christophe (christ-off)

Plus he’s hot and french (and gay and taken):

In case you are worried that he doesn’t do celebrities, don’t worry he does.  And he is also dating one of my best friends in the world, Scott horne, who is my next announcement.

4. The prop stylist Scott Horne is officially bi-coastal.  He is an incredible New York style stylist,  who is now living in Los Angeles.  So all of you who know i’m not styling anymore and are struggling to find good stylist here (because yes, there are VERY few that can compete with New York stylist) you’ll be so pleased to know that he’s officially styling in Los Angeles….until he opens a store which i’m hoping will be sooner than later because his taste is insane and his eye is better than anyone i know.   His website is HERE

Here’s some of his work:


I’m pretty sure these are all from Martha Stewart.  Cause she loves herself some Scott Horne.

Announcements officially over. 

Come see me at Lowe’s!!




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