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Emily Henderson

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by Emily Henderson


Yep, we are doing this again.  Flowers. Having fresh flowers is more of a right than a privilege, like voting, or is voting a duty not a privilege..or a right?… whatever. The point is flowers are da best.  Buy them, for yourself, or for others. All the time. It’s a bit wasteful in money, but worth it’s weight in gold in happiness.  That’s why I don’t write greeting cards, bt-dubs. barely even makes sense.
So, to recap, one of my best friends is getting married and i’m on the ‘not-fussy-perfect-for-farm-wedding’ flower hunt.  This week is obviously about pink, which I liz-ove.  check out last weeks, or my first flower post.
Photo credits:  top left, Coco and Kelley. The rest from Once Wed


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