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Marriage Equality


As we watch the news I often run to my computer to google ‘most progressive city’ or ‘safest country’ and even ‘private island to buy’ just in case there is somewhere else, somewhere we can ditch all this bad stuff and raise our kids safely, surrounded only by people who will only love, accept, support and never hurt them. There is a lot of terribleness in the world and sometimes you just think,  we are bringing children into THIS??? On purpose? 


I don’t know what this sweet child will grow up to be like or who he will love, but I’m very proud to live in a country that finally recognizes equal rights for all. Congratulations to my close friends, America and to all us parents who have one less awkward apology to have to give to our kids.

Thank you, Supreme Court. Finally some national news to celebrate. HAPPIEST OF FRIDAYS!!!

*Now if you could just please do something about tightening those gun laws … Yeah, its fine, I’m allowed to get vaguely political like once a year, right? 🙂

Photo by the incredible Stephanie Todaro.

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I’m thrilled with today’s Supreme Court decision. I’m happy that, now, both of my children–not just the straight one–have the freedom to marry the people they love.


I’m overjoyed with this decision for so many of my friends and people very close to me – that they are finally free to marry the one they love! Thank you for recognizing this here on your blog 🙂

Sweetest photo, sweetest post!


Wonderful and heartening news! What a week this has been. My heart is heavy and my mind filled with thoughts about how much our country needs to work on institutionalized racism and countering hate groups. And, I agree, gun laws. I know I can’t protect my child from everything but I want to role model how to take action to change our world.


This was such wonderful news for me, and I can’t even imagine how wonderful for a parent, who wants only the best for their little ones. Love is love! Bursting with joy today.


Think about this: Your daughter will never know a world in which marriage equality wasn’t the law of the land. That’s pretty fantastic, isn’t it?

Mary Beth

@Lori – Your reply brought tears to my eyes because it is so real. It is a blessing indeed for babies coming into the world to not have to ever face this particular type of discrimination – what a gift! I feel so happy and proud to be an American today. And Emily, I could not agree more with you about gun control. This most recent Supreme Court decision gives me so much hope for our country.


YAY EMILY! Such beautiful sentiments about your child! Pretty brave and inspiring! (Maybe because I live in the southeast and that logic is not found everywhere! Although don’t count all us southerners out!) I have such new found respect for you! #lovewins #hatefails


LOVE wins. Always, it may have taken time…. but thankfully we will all get there together now 🙂


I am in my 40’s and consciously chose not to have children. I never had that strong pull to have my own children, but rather to help educate and support the children of others. After the terrible hate crime in South Carolina, I felt so relieved (and I know this sounds awful) that I had not brought children into a world of such senseless violence and hate. My mood all week was tragic and desperate. I was running errands today when I heard about the SCOTUS decision on marriage equality and immediately began to sob with joy. We are not a perfect nation, but we ARE a nation that (albeit slowly) can recognize a wrong and make it a right. I became ordained to marry my best friend and her partner in marriage two years ago and I am thrilled beyond belief that they won’t have to sweat a sudden reversal of their decade and a half long love story. As the President said, two steps forward and one step back. Eventually, we will progress on ALL fronts. BTW, I think this is the first comment I’ve ever made on your blog. I’ve been a long time lover of all… Read more »


Hell yes!!!!!


Emily, thank you for this post! Now that I have a daughter (5 months), I get terrified of the different things she will face in this world. I am so happy to now know that, no matter who she grows up to be, she can marry a loving partner, and that her friends with gay parents will not be stigmatized.

However, I am digusted/terrified/horrified/what other words can I use? with our gun control laws. If Sandy Hook did not change our political climate, I am not sure what will.

And don’t get me started on climate change.

Now is a time of enormous change, on both social issues and economic issues. I can only hope that we continue to see improvement in the way all people are treated, particularly african americans, and that our generation and our children’s generation can make the US a better place for our children and grandchildren.

On a brighter side, the one thing I hope my daughter inherits is a love of home design – shopping partner!!!


Have friends on both sides of the issue…but don’t like politics mixed with my design blog reading. Sorry. 🙁 Your blog, your prerogative, I realize. Thanks for a great year of content. Bye.


I was just about to comment that I’m happy that Emily has the cojones to speak her mind even if it means possibly driving away people who can’t handle others having/voicing opposing viewpoints.
I appreciate my blog reading to be real, no matter what. (As long as hate has no part in it)

Keep on keepin’ on, Emily!!


What I find interesting about this remark is that the reader likes reading blogs, but doesn’t want blog content mixed with other content. To my mind, what blogs offer over other mediums is a personal voice: an infusion of personality into a grey world full of sanitized, lawyer and focus-group scrubbed, content.
I happen to agree with Emily on this issue, but even if I didn’t, I still would come back for what this site offers: great design advice written by an authentic person.


My remarks relate to Sue’s comments (above).

In terms of the decision, all I can say is that I am very, very happy.


Good riddance. : )


Bye, Sue!




Definitely your blog and I definitely believe – your platform to scream from the rooftops of joy (or equally of sadness) as you choose. And I agree with you 100%. Love wins!

well said. we don’t know what the future holds but at least we have today to celebrate and to have every day moving forward. love is love!

– Jaime


I live in the UK. One evening last year, while we sat at the dinner table, my 4year old daughter said with some sadness in her voice “when I’m older, I won’t be able to marry Ellie [her best friend], girls can’t marry girls.”
It was with great joy that I was able to respond by saying “yes you can honey. Girls can marry girls, boys can marry boys and girls and boys can marry each other too. You can marry whomever you fall in love with. marriage is about being with the one you love the most.” She was noticeably relieved.
“Oh. Ok. Maybe I won’t marry Ellie.” She looked across the table and said, “Raffer, when we’re older we can get married.”

Alas Raffer is her younger brother.

The world of small children aside, it is a glorious day and a glorious society that embraces equality for all.

And I do hope the U.S. are able and willing to take action is taken on the current gun laws. Too many young people die that way. Good luck, I imagine it’s not an easy discourse to have.


If the blog had a like button this comment would get mine 🙂 (from another UK resident)


A Happy Day, for sure!!!! Yay!!!


couldn’t agree more! 🙂

Eli Johnson

Yes, I agree this is great news. Everyone has a right to their beliefs. And equally everyone should have a right to marry whomever they wish. None can judge another.


Hell to the yes!


Preach it girl!
Today we celebrate for all!

Thank you VERY much for posting this. And thank you VERY much for getting just a *bit* political for the safest ways our country can improve itself!


Actually, it’s been a great week with a win for those who support the Affordable Care Act as well. (And I’m with you on the gun thing too.) It is a very good Friday. Have a great weekend!


I’ve been happy dancing all day. It’s so good to get some good (FANTASTIC) news for once. Things have been very dark and this news is a ray of sunshine. And I for one can’t get enough of the joyful and relieved posts I’m seeing on all the blogs I follow from design to health. Thanks for your post. It’s one more in a beautiful chorus! 🙂

I constantly tell my husband he needs to find a job in Europe where our kids won’t be surrounded by a culture of guns and violence – to live in a country that doesn’t believe mass shootings are a reason to relax gun laws rather than strengthen them. To live in a place where my children don’t need to fear for their lives when they enter their school or a movie theater or a place of worship. To live in a place where people can’t legally carry guns EVERYWHERE.
At least this week our country has made me proud – finally recognizing that the Confederate flag may stand for heritage (but a heritage of hate) but definitely stands for bigotry, that all citizens should have access to health care and that all should be free to marry the person they love. Well done USA. Well done.


Or you could live in Canada!


I would suggest you check the violent crime rate in Europe, Criminals will always find a way to commit a crime and honest people have the right to protect themselves. Investigate Switzerland if you’re interested in gun facts. I believe Hitler said it best- The best way to control a country is to take guns away from the people.


I rarely participate in the comments section on any site but I can’t not address this. When you start a sentence with “I believe Hitler said it best” your argument loses significanttttttt credibility! I actually laughed out loud at that. I respect your beliefs about gun control laws but you need an argument that’s stronger than a quote from probably the MOST hateful, close-minded, racist, terrible, harmful human being to ever live. Just saying.


I think she was making an ironic point.


amen sista, no guns for the people, ok, but the criminals will still have guns and we the people will not have a way to protect ourselves. what we need is families. strong families. parents teaching their kids to love, teaching kids to respect. I say we ban the shoot em up video games. People don’t just commit murder, you have to act it out in your mind first, video games are prime example. I can’t remember the last time i heard an elk hunter killing 2 dozen people. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. period.


As someone from a country with robust gun control laws (New Zealand), I’d like to assure you that we’re just fine. Gun violence here, and in many other similar countries, is practically non-existent. The crime that happens in the US with awful regularity is a VERY American problem.


Funnily enough, there are absolutely video games where you use guns to kill elk.

You want to be an instant celebrity? Commit a mass shooting. Our media immortalizes these people instantly, on a 24 hour news cycle, for weeks or months. When a person feels forgotten, hopeless, bullied, and has unchecked violent tendencies, that’s when these tragedies come about.

Violent video games exist all over the place. The factors that make the United States different than other countries are our ridiculous access to assault weapons and our vulture-style media making these murderers into celebrities.


Lovely post and I agree wholeheartedly!

My daughter was 5 when we went to the wedding of her former nanny. Just as the bride came down the aisle, my daughter blurted out, “Is she marrying a boy or a girl?” It made no difference to her.


Thank’s for your lovely post today.

Deirdre Cerasa

I have had tears in my eyes all day. Tears of joy that we are finally here and tears of sadness for those who did not live to see this day. #lovewins

Debbie W.

I agree completely!!! Hooray!!!


I just found out that I am pregnant and share your sentiments exactly. Yay for today!

AMEN!! =)


What a lovely Friday we had! 🙂

Yes, a happy, happy day!!! Thank you for this- it means a lot 🙂


A good day in America! A much needed balance to the horror of South Carolina.

Rae Ann

This is a monumental day in America. We love who we love, no second class citizens. Finally, no gay marriage, just marriage! YIPEE

A Happy Day, for sure!!!! Yay!!!

Mary Ann

Amen! x2!! Have a great weekend


Just when I thought I couldn’t love you any more…So well said, thanks!


The fiancé and I were discussing this last night and he was worried that “those crazies” (sorry to that ONE reader who got offended) will find a way to roll this ruling back. But knowing what I do about Supreme Court process, I don’t see how that could happen. To take a case to the court you have to prove that your rights have been impinged somehow by someone else’s actions. How can the conservative Christian minority prove that by letting people love each other they themselves have had their rights hurt? I hope I’m right and that a case like that never makes it to our highest court since we have no business legislating morality! Obviously my morals are different than Sue’s. I see the world one way and she’s disappointed that doesn’t match up with hers. But that’s the beauty of Democracy. Thanks again for posting this Emily. You’re my favorite blogger ever! xoRachel


here’s to the moes and the mormons who make design blogs the best place to read about open-mindedness, change, resurrection, upcycling, utopia, truth and beauty. thank you, baby grrl.

patty blaettler

This whole long process leading to yesterday’s decision was really pushed along by the people…When we all demand that our government speaks for all of us we can make change happen.
Can we all rise up now and force a major change to gun availability?
And enforcement of those laws already on the books?


Hooray for a slightly political and very joyful post! It’s the law of the land now; it is so ordered. Happy day, indeed.

Hi Emily, I have gay friends and family and am happy that they get to have the union to celebrate and love just as heterosexual couples. If you wish to raise your children embracing equality, please don’t forget to remind them that there are religious groups, families that believe in their Church teachings, that do not believe in gay marriage or lifestyle and you might tell them that, altho you do not agree with them, you believe everyone’s beliefs – as long as it is done peacefully and without harm to others – must be embraced and accepted. That is what true equality and living in America is all about ….. opinions – gay lifestyle – a religious lifestyle – athiests – orthodox – all should gather in this country and try to live among each other. LIVE AND LET LIVE, embrace ALL differences. No one has the right to tell ANYONE how they must live or what they must believe in and only then can America stand up and say that they truly embrace equality. Thanks for listening and I hope you understand, as a mom what I’m trying to convey.


Hey Mary Beth! I appreciate the way you put this but want to correct one flaw in your argument. You said, “everyone’s beliefs – as long as it is done peacefully and without harm to others – must be embraced and accepted,” but I think what you meant is “everyone’s beliefs – as long as it is done peacefully and without harm to others – must be tolerated.” Because we don’t have to embrace or accept them. We just have to let them be.

Rachel, thank you. I swear I knew I was missing the correct word! “tolerance”

I neither celebrate or denounce the ruling. I don’t celebrate it because I’m a Christian. I do believe “marriage” was created by God for a man and a woman. I don’t denounce it, because I don’t believe that non-Christians should be expected to live according to my convictions. I’m not against civil unions for this reason. Gay or straight, people deserved to be loved and respected. Freedom is something I’m passionate about and the right to bear arms is not something you want to give up so lightly. I grew up in Alaska, so I don’t have an issue with guns. They were apart of the culture and normal life. I feel like people don’t realize stricter laws on guns only affects law abiding citizens. The bad guys(who you don’t want having guns) don’t care about stricter gun laws – they don’t care about any laws! Why you don’t want to take away the 2nd amendment… It keeps peace. There are plenty of people out there who want to harm us. Disarming good people just makes it easy for them. “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” –Thomas Jefferson– To… Read more »


Well said!


I’m really appreciating all the comments here, but I want to make a quick point: Implementing gun regulations with more background checks and waiting periods will not disarm Americans. I don’t think anyone is trying to take away the right to bear arms. It doesn’t have to be so drastic. TIghter regulations are a step in the right direction.

Rather than stricter gun regulations, There needs to be more focus on mental health issues in America. How to recognize signs of someone with a mental health crisis and how to report and take appropriate measures.

So in a way, I am in agreeance for stricter regulations for those with mental illness. I deal depression along with probably over 50% of the population. I think it should be harder for me to own a gun. But then it becomes a matter of privacy?


and move a little more swiftly on taking care of the environment!


Bravo Emily!! Beautiful post!


As a gay man, I appreciate straight allies sharing their thoughts in spaces where more people can reach them. It’s also great to see a mother already preaching acceptance in their child’s life. We aren’t all so lucky. Continued love and support back to you!

P.S. It’s your blog, get political as much as you want! 🙂


Actually, if we use the same constitutional test that SCOTUS used for this decision, that means that those of us with concealed carry permits ought to be able to use them every state, right?


Absolutely! Huge congratulations to all those in the USA. If only there could be a ruling for all differences to be acknowledged and accepted – gender, race, religion…..Please let that be the world my children grow up in.


you believe more freedom for marriage and less freedom to carry guns, I believe less freedom for marriage and more freedom for guns. Let’s not get carried away with suggesting the government take away freedoms just because you don’t agree. I support gay marriage for those who want to even if it isn’t right to me.


Thx, Emily, I agree with you 110%. Happy Friday, every day, indeed! Our forefathers would be proud.

Stacy Davenport

I had hoped I could escape into the world of decorating with you, without my beliefs put into question by someone I don’t know but admire. I only hoped you could teach me something I didn’t know, or show me a fabric or wallpaper I wouldn’t consider on my own but would with you as my guide. I too am happy for my gay friends. But I don’t believe you should share it with me in this forum. And I will not apologize for owning a handgun (legally registered with a conceal carry permit) because I am within my rights according to the second amendment. More laws aren’t needed. More education is needed along with better screening to own a weapon. The gun that killed the Charleston 9 was unfortunately legally purchased then given to him. But with his sick, racist hatred, he would have found a weapon no matter what, at some point. There were signs he needed to be exposed to the authorities, but for a lack of caring or education, people don’t know to see the signs. But I doubt you care what I think. Just like I don’t care what someone famous thinks outside of why… Read more »


You know that Emily is just a person and she has as much right as you do to express her opinion, don’t you? Even if said opinion doesn’t fit perfectly with your very specific, narrow worldview. Her reach may be longer because of her notoriety, but there is no law saying that one should give up their first amendment rights once a certain level of celebrity is achieved. I do respect your opinion, even if I don’t agree with it, and I wouldn’t kick you out of my home if you were ever to come over and express it (although I would be compelled to express to you that I don’t think an opinion based on religious dogma should have any bearing on US law, per the Constitution). Sealing yourself off from all opinions you don’t agree with is not helpful, doesn’t challenge you (or me for that matter) to grow as a person, and can be quite toxic in a pluralistic society. I hope you are able to someday emerge from your comfort zone to see the world is not black and white, and we need to foster a culture of civil discourse in order to make this “a… Read more »


@KC Well done on countering irrational people in a thoughtful and accepting manner. No one should ever have to agree with other’s opinions or beliefs. That is impossible on so many levels–family upbringing, religious beliefs, cultural differences, millions of influences along the way. What I find very bizarre is the notion that we can’t “play together”, despite our differences. You might as well move to an island where only you and your beliefs can live as one. America is one of the largest and diverse countries in the world. That fact alone should tell you we aren’t all going to agree(nor should we). Furthermore, this web site belongs to Emily. Consider it her virtual “house”. If you don’t like what is said within the walls, don’t come over next time.


Thank you very much. It is a personal blog, with personal thoughts by a person who writes it. Before I pushed ‘published’ i asked myself – is this too controversial? should i even open this door? And then I was like WAIT, IT IS CIVIL RIGHTS and not anywhere in my ‘personal’ life would I keep quiet about my thoughts on this – which frankly have to be quite obvious by this time – I have very open 3 gay men that are very closet to me that I constantly reference on all my blog and social media. My best advice to people who are upset by the ruling is for them to simply marry someone of the opposite sex. I won’t stop you!


I appreciate your comment. I said ‘gun control’ not elimination for a reason – to hopefully not open that debate door (although, since we are on it, I would personally vote for most handguns to be illegal in a second). Access and screening is a huge issue and should be tackled on a serious level. Hopefully you’ll stick around for the 260 other non-political posts a year. I also think that ‘espresso’ finished wood should be illegal 🙂

@Emily I think what you *meant* to say to @StacyDavenport is “OK THEN, BUH-BYE!”


The gun the deranged kid killed the Charlestown church goers with was not given to him. He purchased it himself with money given to him by his father on his birthday. Time and again, people who shouldn’t own a gun because of mental issues, can purchase one within the law. That needs to be addressed!
How petty of you that you feel compelled to write to Target to bitch about Emily’s viewpoint. Are you trying to punish her and jeopardize her livelyhood because you don’t agree with her?
That speaks volumes about you, please move on to another blog.

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