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Marcus Hay, you genius.


Marcus Hay and Elle Decor UK,

you have just made my day.

Yes, this is old, like a year old, but im slammed and saw this yesterday again for the first time in a while and decided that i wanted to, nay, was compelled to share it again. 

Because the amount of personality in this space is out of control.  This person is crazy interesting and as good at styling as much as Meryl is at acting.  Very.

Leaving for New York, Nashvile and Knoxville tomorrow.  Meanwhile watching ‘Homeland’ like a crazy person whilst packing.   

Still deciding whether to do Design Star recaps, which started last night (er, tonight) and seemed really good already. I don’t want to have to pretend that people are awesome or make people feel like shit – so i’m not sure if its really for me anymore.  I’m increasingly sensitive to people being negative on the comments (plus me being negative and critical, too, then feeling guilty), so part of me doesn’t want to ask for it at all. 

But part of me wants to talk about Design Star because its my favorite thing to do. EVER.  And i can delete any comments i want. Although i never do, because i try to let democracy rule in this here country/blog.  

 Weigh in, because a blogger does what a blogger’s readers wants thems to do. 

We are suckers like that. 


OK, I read your comments and i’ll do it! Sometimes one just needs a little encouragement.  But DS season 7 contestants be wary of reading these posts if you are sensitive – honesty is honesty and sometimes it can totally suck to hear.  (from me or commenters – although cruelty will be deleted, so don’t even bother). 


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