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Made in Oregon

I’m in Portland for the next week or so, visiting family and friends, and generally getting my hipster on.

Looking for suggestions of bars/restaurants/stores during the visit.

So far we have tried to get into Tasty ‘n Sons and successfully ate at Doug Fir at East Burn (loved it). I haven’t hit up shopping yet and I’m just chomping at the bit to find new things to hoard. So please, any and all suggestions are helpful. For instance, is there any flea market here at all? I’ll hit up The Good Mod, Stars Antique Mall, the Hollywood district and the Pearl, Hawthorne, but any new indie stores that I should check out would be great.

Oh, and I’ll drool at clothes at Frances May, per usual. Still seriously regretting not buying the Suno Floral jumper that I tried on last year. Sadly the $800 price tag was about $700 more than I wanted to pay, but if I had a penny for every time I’ve thought about that jumper I would have 500 pennies, which would make the price come down to $795, which is starting to sound just WAY more affordable.

Also, any fun nighttime activities — dancing, shows, performance venues we should know about?

Follow me on twitter, em_henderson and instagram emhenderson (I know, I know) in case you are a voyeur like me. Expect my usual obsession with this city and me screaming, “Why don’t I live here?”


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