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love … this weird sofa

Welcome to my new daily post where I show you a new thing I’m obsessed with or very interested in that may or may not be controversial or even available. Just a show and tell.

What? Two posts a day you say? How can you possibly keep up with it? Excellent question and luckily it will just be a photo with a quick sentence and link. I just love so many products that I want to show you, and sometimes dedicating a whole day to them is weird because you know how I love to really get wordy and talk a lot so I can’t possibly give up a whole post to just one product.

Boss sofa from Flexform at Harrods, you weird wrinkly, yet totally intriguing piece of furniture.

Don’t worry, Living Etc found out how to make it all pretty — sans the bad styling.

Flexform boss sofa

Indeed. You have weird proportions, sure, but I’m interested, I am. It’s smart in the sense that it allows WAY more actual space to sit on since the arms are so god darn skinny.

So small spacers, think about this sofa, and it can be yours for a mere $8, 286.00

That’s almost as much as it took me to take a cab in London last weekend. I couldn’t find the sofa on the Flexform site, but check out their site anyway.

Love or weird?

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