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Love … this brass bathtub

It’s Friday, folks, and I’m T.I.R.E.D. as I’m sure a lot of you are. So to celebrate and remind us how to relax this weekend (and probably rub in all of our faces something awesome we can’t and never will afford), I want to show you this incredible bathtub by Catchpole & Rye.

It’s a fortune, don’t even bother looking (I think around $10, 000), but it’s just so pretty. Picture being lowered into that, with someone massaging your hands and feet and head and shoulders and neck … and drinking a glass of whatever you want whilst reading a European or Australian design magazine. Maybe This American Life is playing in the background. Maybe there are puppies or some sort of baby animals keeping you company. Or maybe you have human company, although I don’t recomend it because even though we see it in the movies all the time and it looks so fun and sexy with bubbles everywhere and really perky boobs  and no running mascara, taking a bath is just kinda better alone.


Back to the tub … I love the clean modern shape  — if it were all clawfoot-y it could be over the top (although I would still like it). But this beauty is perfect.

Happy Friday. Follow me on Instagram for some thrifting action because I’m going valley, again, this weekend. xxx E


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