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Loopy Mango, A New store in New York i love.

I get severely excited when a new home/vintage/accessories store opens up in New York  (or anywhere). But then i get devastated when i hear they have been there for 2 years without me knowing. TWO YEARS!!!! What’s wrong with me? Is my vintage-dar totally off? How did i not stumble upon this gem before now (technically last week).   How do i even call myself a stylist……

It’s in Soho, its called ‘Loopy Mango‘ and its full of beautiful linens, accessories, textiles, yarn, fashion accessories, pillows, blankets, etc.   No major pieces of furniture, but instead the stuff you can walk out with.  It’s in Soho so i thought it would be expensive, (i mean just the rent alone is ridiculous) but it’s actually kinda affordable (don’t go in thinking it’s cheap, it ain’t, it’s just well priced for the space and the products).  

Oh, just look at all those knick knacks that i can take home to add to my collection (clutter) of beautiful things (hoarding).  

I couldn’t resist this horse blanket (in fact you’ll see it styled in a shoot i’m posting tomorrow). Its soft, plush, alpaca wool with navy background, although reversible so the other side is cream background. Its 100% unnecessary for me in LA.  Especially since we just got our central air bill (sounds fancy, but we aren’t) for September here in Los Angeles and guess how much it was? $300.  Shut up, ‘LA Water, heat and gas’.  Because of you i can’t properly justify why i bought this (for $158). But man, i do love this blanket and i will crank up that AC to be able to proper enjoy it if i want to.  

Lots of linens, and i love lots of linens, a lot.  They are harder to find in L.A. for some reason – maybe because the prop styling industry (aka magazines) simply doesn’t really exist here for tabletop stuff, but i wanted to hoard a lot of these for upcoming shoots where i know i’ll be dying for saturated kelly green and white gingham linen napkins.  Man, if i had a nickel for every time i heard Brian say that.  

I was VERY tempted to buy these driving gloves until i realized that i hate driving and don’t really like actually wearing gloves. But i pictured them in a fashion shoot and thought, ‘i simply MUST have them’. But i didn’t buy them because i’m not a model, specifically not a hand model, my hands are kinda stupid looking all short and sausagey, although maybe that is precisely why i should have bought those gloves.

OH REGRET, you are a cruel beast of an emotion.  

Pretty blankets that i don’t need, yet want. 

Yarn that i really don’t need, yet really want.  

One of the things they make that sells so well are these big chunky scarves and throws: 

Again, i have no real need for these, but all y’all New Yorkers just might.  

So if you are in New York and want to support a great store in a very expensive neighborhood check out Loopy Mango. I very rarely highlight stores these days because frankly i feel like i’ve been to all of them and you have to really stand out to get me excited. But i spent about 45 minutes in here touching, holding, caressing a lot of cute things that aren’t cheap, but are affordable. It’s well curated, its colorful and exciting and it’s INDEPENDENT, so please support these kinds of stores. Many of these closed down during the recession and life became very boring for us shopaholics, so i’m so glad to see them coming back.  

78 Grand street between Green and Wooster.  Soho, New York.

Oh, and they have knitting classes, too.  In case you want to learn that ever-so romantic folk art discipline.  If i had 1 percent of patience that the average person posesses i would learn how to, but i know what would happen – i’d attempt to make a throw and end up with a coaster.  And probably an ugly coaster that makes the drinks wobble anyway. It’s great to know your faults, isn’t it?

Has anybody been there?

Oh and my enthusiasm my make you wonder if this is a sponsored post, but it ain’t. In fact they have no idea that i’m featuring them.  But if you heard about them because of me, tell them.  


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