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The Link Up: A Celebrity Home Tour, Chandler’s Everyday Skin Care Essential & The Best Bed For Your Fur Baby

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Happy Sunday fun day, folks. We hate to brag, but it is an especially happy one for team EHD because we are OOO for the entire week (yes, our boss is pretty freaking cool and we are so grateful) but don’t worry, we have a week of blog posts scheduled for you because as they say, the show must go on.

Speaking of showbiz, Lena Dunham’s bright and happy home tour was featured in Domino this past week and we think there is a lot to love about it. It is extremely intoxicating with so many colors, shapes, and cool vintage finds. Plus, her essay on finding out “home is where you make it” is worth the read. Anyway, we can certainly talk about home tours all day long, but we have much more to dish about so let’s get to the rest of those EHD links…

First up, Emily couldn’t have been more excited to see that EHD alum Ginny Macdonald designed Create & Cultivate’s new office. The space is stunning and it is so wonderful to see a collaboration between two creatives that she loves.

Caitlin knows that pimple patches aren’t a new thing, but she’s here with the ultimate tried-and-true patch, and they only cost twelve dollars for a full year’s supply! “Y’all, these are Korean and nothing else holds a candle to them. Pop on a patch before bed and wake up zit-free. It’s like magic.”

Arlyn has held off on the Birkenstock trend for as long as she could, but she recently got these black leather ones and she’s never looking back because OMG are they comfortable. She says, “FYI, size down…I’m normally a 7.5 in open toe shoes (8 in closed toe), and I ended up ordered a US 6/EU 37. I could have easily gone for the US 7/EU 38, too, but I didn’t want them to look too…clompy.”

Ryann has been so inspired by all the bedroom reveals on the site lately and has the itch to start a MOTO for her own master. She knows she wants a vintage dresser, so she’s been spending her nights digging through Chairish for some inspiration. 

Chandler is always looking for ways to sneak sunscreen into her morning routine. Something that doesn’t have a strong scent, lasts throughout the day and works well with makeup. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen has proven to be just that. The sunscreen goes on matte and isn’t greasy, making it so easy to add to her morning routine layered right over her moisturizer. (Arlyn can also vouch for this as she uses it every day)

One of Sara’s favorite singers, Aurora, just released a new album called A Different Kind Of Human. From Sara: “All her songs kinda make me feel like a Viking warrior, which is pretty chill when I’m stuck in traffic or forcing myself to run that extra 2 minutes.”

Mallory is highly susceptible to Instagram ads, so she went ahead and purchased a Quip toothbrush. She’s very into the look of it (she got the gold metal), especially since she’s so tired of all the extremely bright colored plastic toothbrushes she’s had over the years. While she does wish the brush had softer bristles, it’s worth it for the refills that get delivered straight to your door every 3 months. And there you go, a full toothbrush review.

These sandals have become Carolina’s go-to this summer..She wears them EVERYDAY because they literally go with everything (FYI, they run small so she recommends going a half size up). 

Velinda’s 16-year-old dog just got spoiled with TWO of these orthopedic beds because he gets “roamy” at night and giving him more places to settle helps his nightly stir-crazies. The bed is lower in the front so it’s easy for him to get in and out. It is a good option for old dogs, but comfy for any.

Bowser has been on the SEARCH for the perfect bedside table lamps for her MOTO and has been striking out. Luckily, Instagram is a stalker and knows this and put Gantri on her feed. Gantri is a sustainable lighting company with fair prices and great design. Check, check, CHECK! They use 3D printing to make their lights. HOW COOL IS THAT?? We are living in the future!

As an ample-chested gal (34D), Jess tends to have a hard time finding fun and dare she say “sexy” tops that still feel cool and casual. Enter in this very cute top. The ruffle straps are wide enough to wear a normal bra and neckline is super flattering without giving too much away if you catch her drift. Pair with a high waisted pant (it’s a little cropped) and you are good to go. Also, she got a large so it wasn’t too tight.

And finally, we are heartbroken about the devastating fires destroying the Amazon right now. It can feel hopeless and overwhelming trying to figure out what we can do to help, but we found this article extremely helpful. If you have any other resources, please leave them in the comments below.

That is where we leave you for today, but we hope to see you around tomorrow for a very special reader event recap. xx

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2 years ago

For the environmentally conscious (and don’t we all need to be?) it is worth factoring in the implications of any subscription service: additional packaging, cost to atmosphere of deliveries, et al.

2 years ago

Like Velinda’s, my 15 1/2 year old dog also gets “roamy” and restless at night, and we also have two beds for her to have options of where to settle. We call it “sundowner syndrome” around our house. My vet recommended 5 mg of melatonin (she’s 65 pounds, so dose may vary — ask your vet) a couple of hours before bedtime, and it has helped her to calm down and sleep more at night.

2 years ago

What does MOTO mean?

2 years ago
Reply to  Jess

Makeover takeover

Paula Carr
2 years ago

Our dog (who sadly passed two weeks ago…sob) also had sundown syndrome. We used CBD oil which helped a little. Just a sad phase of growing old.

Our Luc was 17, so hopefully, you’ll have a few more years with your guy.

2 years ago
Reply to  Paula Carr

I’m so sorry. <3

[…] post The Link Up: A Celebrity Home Tour, Chandler’s Everyday Skin Care Essential & The Best Bed Fo… appeared first on Emily […]

Danni Rico
2 years ago

Ginny Macdonald designed Create & Cultivate’s new office is amazing! I would want that aesthetic to be my home. I want to have every chair they picked out


2 years ago

“As of August 16, 2019, an analysis of NASA satellite data indicated that total fire activity across the Amazon basin this year has been close to the average in comparison to the past 15 years…Though activity appears to be above average in the states of Amazonas and Rondônia, it has so far appeared below average in Mato Grosso and Pará, according to estimates from the Global Fire Emissions Database, a research project that compiles and analyzes NASA data.”

I, too, was devastated and caught up in the emotionalism and then a friend sent this article to me which was reassuring and a great reminder to seek facts/something concrete to compare to. Grateful for this info, and sure hope it brings some peace to some others as well!

2 years ago

Those blue ducks on the coffe table at Lena Dunham’s home…WHAT ARE THEY, WHO MADE THEM AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU KNOW ABOUT THEM??? I. NEED. TO. KNOW.
I inherited one (in a different pose to each of those). Story has it as belonging to my Great Grandmother who emigrated from Germany to the USA (NY) in @1918.
Our family emigrated to Australia from the USA in 1964. Several years later, all of our records and history were destroyed in a fire and our parents died young. So we really have no clue as to the true origin of what is known lovingly as “Grandma’s Blue Duck.”
If you wonder design team members have any way of finfong out about “Grandma’s Blue Duck”, it would make me (and my 6 siblings), so, so happy!
Oh, I so hope one of you might know something.
Wishing, wishing, wishing……

Stacie Martin
2 years ago

FYI on the Birkenstock sizing – the US 6 is based on men’s sizing. A Euro 37 is a 7/7.5 women’s US! So, just know your Euro size and you’re good to go.

2 years ago
Reply to  Stacie Martin

ah good to know! Yeah I got the Euro 37 and it was perfect!

2 years ago

As a designer, the best way to contribute to the protection of the Amazon forest is by not purchasing woods (such as Ipe, Brazilian Cherry, tigerwood) that are harvested from the rainforest, because despite any claims for it being “certified” such standards are lax and greatly contribute to the destruction and deforestation of the forest. Same for buying gold and diamonds

2 years ago

I bought Birkenstocks for the first time in 20 years over the summer (I was also very resistant to the resurgence of this trend) and I agree with the recommendation to size down. I usually wear a 7.5/8 and started with the 38s which were too big. The 37s fit perfectly. Mine were not exactly comfortable right from the start, but the more I wear them the better they get!

2 years ago
Reply to  Laura

Yes agreed! I put them on and was like “uh, aren’t these supposed to be comfortable?!?” but the more you wear them and “imprint” your foot into the sole, I think the more comfortable they’re supposed to get.

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