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The Link Up: The Summer Bag Emily is SO Excited About (+6 Other Juicy Team EHD Recommendations))

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Reunited and it feels so good! Our little EHD fam is finally all back together. We know vacations are “important” for mental health and whatever but we REALLY miss each other when we are apart for an extended amount of time. Needless to say, the catching up was pretty nonstop and lots of new recommendations were rapidly being traded on the daily. Here are our new favorite finds this week…

Emily’s exact words were, “I WANT THIS.” The Henderson’s are doing a lot of schlepping this summer, so it’s so nice for Em to have a smallish bag for her essentials (wallet, sunglasses and phone). This way they don’t get lost in her bigger beach bag. Also, it’s 25% off right now!

Not only does this house, owned by Claire Mazur and Chris Roan, have Jess’ all-time dream chair (the chunky leather and wood beauties in the opener photo) but it’s a stunning tonal oasis that had some layout issues they had to get creative with.

Velinda got turned onto a friend of a friend, Mike Beavers, who does incredible woodworking projects and she’s dying to collaborate soon/find a spot for one of his chairs in her home.

Grace told us all to GO. WATCH. season 2 of Fleabag on Amazon Prime. She first discovered Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Crashing in 2016 and has been hooked on her shows ever since. Fleabag season 1 was honestly so long ago (way before the rest of America fell in love with her because of Killing Eve), but season 2 came out fairly recently. She writes so well and makes you think about “life things” and she really gets it and sometimes, like in this season, makes you question (in a good way) your own beliefs, to the point that you’re crying for the lead character at the end of the season finale. 

On Jess’ vacation, she made a stop in Marrakech, Morroco, and naturally bought a rug. She felt it was nearly mandatory and wasn’t mad about it. She stumbled about Les Nomades de Marrakech, a huge and amazing rug shop that also sells online! She can 100% vouch for the beautiful designs and super high quality.

Arlyn first saw this Calpack backpack during a trip to Target HQ on one of the very stylish press team members but then she lost track of the brand and was so sad. THEN she saw someone talking about it on Instagram and she took it as a sign from the retail gods to buy it. She’s been looking for a new work bag for probably two years that would hold her 15” laptop along with her wallet and personal items and THIS IS IT. It’s gorgeous, very reasonably priced, and she promises everyone will compliment you on it (if you care about that sort of thing…don’t lie, you do). P.S. We ALL complimented it the moment we saw it. 

Ryann has been coveting this shirt by The Line by K for SO long and finally bought it this past week. It is the perfect combination of comfortable and sexy. She wants to wear it every single day for the rest of her life.

There ya have it! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and hope you are pumped for is hopefully a great, short holiday week. 🙂 xx

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3 years ago

Is there anywhere to get low cost ready made frames that look like the natural wood ones in the header image? I love ikea ribba but that don’t have natural wood. Thank you!

3 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Framebridge has a lovely natural wood frame. The Marin.

3 years ago
Reply to  Emily
3 years ago
Reply to  Emily

YES! IKEA’s Hovsta line actually has that pretty natural wood tone. I bought a few for my gallery wall and they were great. A bunch of sizes here: and the square one I love here:

3 years ago

I love the rug in the top photo of Claire Mazur’s house. Any ideas where to find a similar one?

3 years ago

Claire Mazur was an undergrad student in my class at the University of Chicago. She was sharp and charming. So fun to see her rocking it these days. Thanks for sharing!

Gretchen Hollern
3 years ago

What color is the wall paint? It looks great!

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