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The Link Up: A Romantic Comedy Emily LOVED, Ryann’s Secret To Sleeping Well & A Mimosa Recipe Perfect For Christmas Morning

image via Rue Mag | design by Louisa Roeder

Are you all knee-deep in your holiday decorations whilst watching your favorite holiday movie? We sure do hope so. It probably needs no reminding that December is FLYING by, so we suggest taking your mind off decorating and gift wrapping, to check out what team EHD has been gabbing about this week. Let’s giddy on up.

Today’s home tour is brought to us by Rue Mag, and if those side chairs are not reason enough to click on over, you should know that this space has MULTIPLE colorful and wonderful wallpaper moments that are worth your eyeballs’ time.

From Emily: “I watched Plus One while writing on the plane and I LOVED it. A really relatable romantic comedy that made me laugh and cry, with great actors and so many authentically funny moments. TWO THUMBS UP. Oh, and I didn’t know it but my friend Cristine plays who they credited as ‘passive-aggressive maid of honor’ (and it was hilarious, by the way).”

We are all very excited to share that Block Shop has officially opened their first retail location within their studio in LA’s Atwater Village. The store will be open Fridays from 12pm-7pm and Saturdays from 11pm-7pm. Go check it out because not only are their things really beautiful, but they are the nicest people. If you pop in, say hi from us.

Like many of us, Julie has been trying to cut down on the amount of single-use plastic that she buys/uses throughout the week and a helpful reminder for her is this Instagram @plasticfreefridays. Their posts showcase alternative plastic-free products and highlight why this movement is so important. Give them a follow and go plastic-free on Fridays.

Speaking of plastic-free, Sara has a new lotion alternative to share. “I just got this solid lotion stone and am pretty happy with it. Since I started ceramics, my hands have been so so dry and I rub this into them every night before bed (and also use it on my whole body when I get out of the shower). I really appreciate that it’s a plastic bottle-free option to body lotion (they even have a refill subscription option so you don’t get a new container each time you purchase a new one).”

Ryann recently read this article on why everyone should go to bed at 8:45 pm and she is SO pleased that someone is spreading this good news around because she has been saying this for years. Go to bed early, friends! You won’t be missing out on anything that is more important than 8 hours of sleep.

From Arlyn: “I have a new healthy soup recipe to share. Now that we’re in that limbo between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I try to squeeze in as many easy to make and also not glutinous meals during the weekdays as I can and this soup fits that bill. I’ve made it three times already in the last month. I add a few glugs of balsamic vinegar to the pot at the very end, then a little more to the bowl when serving—plus parmesan, duh—to really round out the flavor (oh, and I’ve used both fresh and frozen corn and both were great but frozen corn was WAY easier).”

Velinda was at a friend’s when she tried Bitchin Sauce and couldn’t believe it was dairy-free (therefore, safe for her wife to eat). “What to say about it? It’s all in the name, really.”

Veronica bought this cardigan in burgundy and cream over the weekend (and will be buying the charcoal soon). Super soft and cozy, and perfect for layering!

From Mallory: “Now that my sister and I are both old enough to party with our parents (which is in fact, very fun) I’m making these cranberry mimosas for the fam to celebrate Christmas morning in a festive manner.”

Lastly, on Friday December 13th from 10am-6pm and Saturday December 14th from 11am-4pm, The Streicher Sisters are kicking off their STRIIIKE Holiday Market that will feature all their favorite brands to shop under one roof (some brands include: BeautycounterDosistEriness,  Fleur Marche,  Lady & Larder,  LivanaMakers Mess, MilleSALTStephanie Anders piercings,  Olive + June). Click here for all the details.

That is all for now, chickadees. We hope you have a lovely Sunday, and hope to see you back here tomorrow. xx

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Jeffrey C
3 years ago

Heidi Swanson at 101 Cookbooks has a plethora of good soup recipes. You really can’t go wrong with anything on her site.

3 years ago

Plus One is soooo good. I’ve convinced everyone that I can to watch it but you have a much bigger “audience” than me so glad you all are now spreading the word!

3 years ago
Reply to  Rae

I LOVED Plus One! And so did my boyfriend. Maya Erskine, who played Alice, is also fantastic in the show Pen15 (also on Hulu).

3 years ago

While I was always an early to bed, early to rise person, going to bed at 8:45pm is not a realistic goal for all people. I married a night owl and have a night owl as a child. There is research that supports that not everyone can get on this “virtuous” schedule that many eulogize. Our society overvalues early risers and touts them as superior, when people really do have different internal clocks. And no matter how much they try to get early morning light or take melatonin, switching to an earlier schedule doesn’t work. The reality is that people benefit from figuring out their internal clock and trying to create a lifestyle that allows them to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep that works for them. Obviously, this can be hard when you have a child out of sync with your schedule, but with the right partner, you can find balance. I highly recommend reading (or listening to) “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker. It covers so many aspects of sleep beyond the recommended amount of time to spend in bed.

3 years ago
Reply to  Suzanne

I spit out my water when I read getting 8 hours sleep necessitated an 8:45 bedtime. Does working for EHD really require 4:45am wake ups?!?! Maybe LA commuting? Only werewolf’s should be roaming at that hour.

3 years ago

Here’s an article about different sleep chronotypes. Let’s stop perpetuating the virtue of getting up early.

3 years ago

Thank you for the plastic-free Fridays – it seems do-able, whereas the plastic-free life seems overwhelming. Especially since a few paragraphs down you are recommending a polyester sweater, which is, you know, plastic.

3 years ago

Chickadees! My grandma used to say that and I had totally forgotten. I loved it and will start saying that to my little chickadees ?

3 years ago

You know what happens after 8:45 pm? My kid is asleep and no one is asking me for anything. There’s a juicy novel and all the cookies. Maybe even alcohol and a bath. So many riches, all after my kid’s bedtime.
I wouldn’t trade that for anything. Eight hours of sleep can also be 7 hours and a gorgeous midday nap.

3 years ago

I used to buy Bitchin’ Sauce from the farmer’s market in Little Italy in San Diego back in 2010 from the owner selling it out of a cooler and loved every variety they made… fast forward to 2019 when I was walking around Wegmans in Rochester where I live now, and saw a container of “This Dip is Nuts”…. I bought it since the packaging reminded me of my old fave, and lo and behold, a little googling later showed me it was the same company. So if you can’t find Bitchin’ Sauce, look for This Dip is Nuts, which was equally delicious

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