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The Link Up: The Perfect $8 T-Shirt, A VERY Useful App and An Eye-Opening Page Turner


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Well, it’s not a three day weekend again but at least we have our Link Up for you to indulge in. This coming week, we have some VERY fun projects to reveal (hint: we might be back with another I Design, You Decide and fresh flash makeover…have you been following along on our Instagram stories?) but until then, let’s get to it, shall we?

Did you catch our cruelty-free beauty post yesterday? Emily just learned that Target recently released their own line of vegan and CF products called Versed. The packaging is minimal yet still beautiful and the reviews online so far seem pretty great. Anyone try this yet?

Veronica was the first of us to dive into Dead To Me on Netflix she says it’s 100% recent binge-worthy show. 

If you into bold patterns, color and playful design then look no further than This Kentucky family home. It’s unbelievably fun.

Emily Bowser has had the app TurboScan for a few years and it was the best $5 she’s ever spent. It’s as easy as pointing and shooting. Then you can email a PDF to yourself or others. It also saves them to the app in folders so you can access at any point to add more pages if necessary, or if you want to take a look without having to take them all out individually. SO useful.

In need of a great new song? Look no further than Nostalgia from BECCAA (Jess’s amazing cousin and EHD alum). It’ll make you want to drive around in a convertible and put it on repeat.

Arlyn says she has strange requirements for T-shirts. She has a large chest so anything too tight makes her feel a bit self-conscious, plus she likes a little bit of a drape but nothing that ends up looking like a boxy tent…it’s a fine line. This Target T-shirt… she has it in 5 colors and it’s her very favorite. It’s super soft, fits JUST right for her petite yet curvy frame and uh, it’s $8.

Velinda’s superhero friend, Allison, has launched a vodka called Hera Dog Vodka that’s not only smooth and GMO-free but strives to save animals. A percentage of every bottle sold by this family-owned distillery is donated to rescues. What a great excuse to drink! 

Michael was going to try and pick one cute shirt from J. Crew’s new summer arrivals but it was legit too hard! There are so many fun and happy summer clothes.

Sara just finished reading Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover and she said it very very good, and eye-opening. Arlyn hasn’t read the book, but did listen to the Super Soul Conversation with Tara and Oprah, and also gives it the thumbs up.

Grace’s new favorite workout top is from Lululemon. It has a cute side tie detailing, a little see-through (but not a lot) so if you have a cute sports bra, it’ll still show a little bit and it’s very VERY breathable. NOTE: This top runs big. She wears a 6 for reference.

Julie’s skin is so dry and craves something to make it feel alive, this Honest Hydrogel is AMAZING! She honestly (haha pun intended) feels like she just got a spa treatment after putting it on her sad dry face. Her words, not ours.

Ryann wants these block heel sandals (in Dusty Blue Lizard) from Everlane extremely bad.

Juniper & Salt started selling this beautiful tea towel to help support Planned Parenthood Southeast and the fight to maintain the right for women to choose what is best for their bodies. And yes, 100% of the proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood Southeast.

In efforts to keep this short so you can enjoy the rest of your only two day weekend…BYE!!

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Those breuer chairs…sigh.


Dead to Me is great. And follow it with Fleabag on Prime.

Marci M Lambert

Fleabag is everything. I can’t stop thinking about it.

Julie P

Yup Dead to Me is awesome! Totally bingeable.


Ohh, I second the Target t-shirt! I bought one the other day and loved the fit, so now I have 3 in my cart. Online it’s showing 3 for $20 for order pickup, drive up or delivery.


I’m not feeling the New Day shirts. I bought several in the fall, and the olive one pilled noticably after *ONE* use. I was so disappointed because they are the perfect weight and swing! All of the 4 I bought are now too pilled to wear out, so I have s bunch of new work shirts for the summer. 🙁

Oh no! I haven’t had that issue at all and I machine wash and dry them all the time. Hmm…


Yah the Universal Thread t-shirts are great! I used to work for Target so I accumulated quite a lot of them. Love the crew necks as well. They have that just right, worn-in casual look ?

Tina Schrader

I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about Dead to Me. I’ll check it out! Same thing for Tara Westover’s book. That sounds wonderful. I just finished “The Dreamers” by Karen Thompson Walker; such an excellent book. So beautifully written. And it reflects so well the nuances of the human experience when facing a crisis of mass proportions.


Even though I’m a frequent reader, I have trouble keeping up with who’s who on your new team (ex: I have no idea what a s”Grace size 6” means…). Do you have a page that outlines your team members? Thanks


Please think real hard and have a clear idea in your head as to what you are doing when you participate in donating to an organization who makes their money by aborting our citizens, who DO have a right to life. Keep our country doing great things for all, the soon to be born, the young, the elderly and YOU!
YOU are proof this country believes in the right of the sanctity of human life.
Women were given a very special gift, to carry another body for nine months,
or the first stage of a new life. We don’t use this first stage of new life as a birth control. In hearts of hearts, or in science, we all know the body we carry does not have the same DNA as our body, so how can you say such off the wall statement that women have the right to choose what is best for their bodies, it is not your body, it is the beginning of another body, it is your child, not YOU my dears.


Michelle C

Wow! Tell you what “my dear” you stay out of my womb and my business and I’ll stay out of yours.


If the goal is to prevent more “people” from dying, absolutely all the more reason to support safe and legal abortions. They will continue to happen if illegal or unavailable. The difference is that the women trying to have them will die. I would love to see those who are anti abortion start caring about the people who are outside the womb.
Thank you Emily Henderson team for posting the link! It means the world to me. I donated this morning to the yellow hammer fund, another great organization.


I’m pretty sure Emily has a ‘clear idea’ in her head when she posts this. Partly because she was raised Mormon so I’m fairly certain this is a subject she’s had to find her own ethical stance on, and partly because she doesn’t use her platform to promote controversial or divisive subjects lightly.

Oh and great logic. Women don’t have the right to decide on their own bodies, but it’s ok because you’re there to decide for them! I feel so much better now.


Abortions are a very, very small percentage of the health services Planned Parenthood provides to people, primarily low-income people. This is well documented.


Agreed. Well documented.


Thank you MJ!! These people will deny and justify it forever. It takes a person as dumb as a doorknob to not understand it’s an actual human… either that or they are lying to themselves – it’s called disassociation.

Hollis | Juniper & Salt

I would urge you to read this article posted by Emily. It’s a interesting, enlightening perspective on the topic.

Also crucial to this discussion is to talk about how making abortion illegal does not stop abortion. It only makes it more dangerous and lethal. The way to prevent abortion is to provide access to free birth control and scientifically valid sex education. Preventing pregnancy is the way to prevent abortion, which is why I have chosen to support Planned Parenthood. To help provide access to those crucial services.

Thank you for being a part of the dialogue. All views are important.


Couldn’t agree more MJ. I read the Twitter Thread Abortion article, someone is refering to in the comments, the other day. I was truly disturbed for days by the thoughts stated in the article.

Colleen McCarthy

Love the look. Very clean looking???


What a stylish way to promote ending human lives. Bravo.


I know. Sickening


Yes. So disappointing.

Leigh H

Thank for this link supporting Planned Parenthood. Thank you for taking a brave public stance on abortion rights, it must be very hard when your livelihood is at stake. Educated by Tara Westover is phenomenal and very eye opening. I love these “link ups.”

Hollis | Juniper & Salt

Thank you so much for your support!

Hollis | Juniper & Salt

Thank you so much for your support! It’s not easy to speak out about what you believe is right when it’s controversial. Especially when your business is at stake. I’m so grateful to Emily and her team for sharing their support.


Arlyn seems to have a similar upper body shape and clothing goals as me, please continue to share recommendations for the petite curvy trying to avoid boxy but also too form-fitting/cleavage-tastic designs!


Thank you for supporting Planned Parenthood. We need voices like you to normalize the support of family healthcare.



Hollis | Juniper & Salt

Thank you for your support too. Quality healthcare for women is so so important. The impact is far reaching.


Yes, quality healthcare for women is from the WOMB to the GRAVE. It is called “Human Rights” in this great country of the USA.


Emily, Thank you for supporting Planned Parenthood by sharing this link.
Juniper&Salt, Thank you for supporting Planned Parenthood with the sale of the tea towel.

This twitter thread about abortion (mentioned in previous comments) should be required reading, it is that good and important.

Abortion is normal. Every single one of us loves someone who’s had an abortion, whether we know it or not.


No abortion is “not” normal. Not a single person I know would think of taking the lives of their young. Welcome to our big world.


Maybe “normal” is the wrong word. But in very rare circumstances, it is absolutely necessary. And that’s why I’m pro-choice (no – that doesn’t automatically mean pro-abortion under any circumstance). I personally would not get one unless I found myself in those exceedingly rare circumstances where my life is in danger, the baby’s future life is in danger, or god forbid, I am a victim of rape or incest. And I sure as hell am not going to pass any laws telling women they can’t get abortions when they find themselves in those circumstances. Stating that women who get abortions are “killing babies” or “taking the lives of their young” is oversimplifying an incredibly complicated issue, and it’s a dick move so you can feel morally superior to someone struggling with something you can’t even comprehend. Because if you could, you wouldn’t be such a dick about it.


If finding yourself in an exceeding rare circumstances where your life is in danger or the baby’s future life is in danger hopefully you would be in the hands and care of a gynecologist/obstetrician. I do not know, do you,
when the light bulb goes on and says, I need to get to Planned Parenthood?
If there is not consenting between two people, rape and incest are the same.
Should a beyond comprehension violent crime happened to a women, I would hope the police, the courts and punishment would happen accordingly. A pregnancy because of this horrible crime is more than awful. Thankful only 1 % of abortions at Planned Parenthood are of these kinds.


Thank you for sharing the link to Juniper and Salt. I just purchased the tea towel and some other beautiful items. I appreciate both your team and their team publicly standing up for what they believe in and am so happy to support it.


We will empty out our bank accounts to purchase tea towels after we see the movie – UNPLANNED. I appreciate them to publicly standing up for what they believe in.


I’ve been a reader for years, and have always enjoyed Emily’s thoughtful posts about controversial topics and how she kindly approaches complicated issues. But this makes me sad as I try to avoid supporting people and groups that actively promote organizations that perform abortions (aka – kill pre-born humans). All human life is valuable. Yes – when a mother is pregnant with her child (her unborn human son or daughter) her rights, abilities to work, and health will be affected in a way that a man’s never will be. But that doesn’t mean a mother should have the right to end the life of her own child. Nobody ever promised doing the right thing would be easy – but that’s not why we do it. Pregnancy can be very hard and we need to support women through those times and afterwards. But the intentional ending of a human life is never the answer. We need to be better than abortion. I’m really sad that you’re using your business to support abortion. I know that you support an array of charities, and are very kind and respectful to the people around you, and I’m grateful for the free content you provide.… Read more »


ditto- I’m grateful for the free content you provide. But I just wish that translated into standing up for the lives of tiny humans……….
(Thank you Katie! You are a rock star for writing a very thoughtful, wise comment.
I am very sad too.)


What if the US government paid for adoptions
instead of abortions?

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