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The Link Up: The Pants 4 Of Us Bought This Week, The Hotel Julie Can’t Wait To See IRL & Caitlin’s Go-To Horoscope App

image via Architectural Digest | design by Elizabeth Roberts and Peter Marino

Happy Sunday, folks and welcome back to one of our favorite series: The Link Up. Before we begin, we must talk about today’s featured home tour, which is the home of fashion designer Ulla Johnson. If you are a fan of our Saturday fashion posts, you probably know that Ulla Johnson is one of Emily’s absolute favorite fashion brands, and it is no surprise that her home is as stunning, and shall we say, “Uptown Prairie,” as her clothing designs are. We highly encourage you to stop what you are doing, check it out, then come RIGHT back.

…Okay, are you back? Great. Now, without further ado, let’s get to those team EHD links and recommendations:

First up, some more design goodness: The Freehand Hotel in LA opened just a few months ago and Julie is dying to go take a look not only because Jess and she stayed at the one in NYC this past Easter but also because House Inhabit made THE cutest promo video and you all need to take a look.

Emily Bowser just got these bamboo makeup remover pads. She prefers using makeup rounds for toner application and for wiping off mascara but wanted to cut down on waste. These are new, but so far so good. They wash out well and come with a little baggy so they don’t get lost in your washer/dryer BUT if you want to cut back on the micro-plastic problem, we highly recommend Guppyfriend!

If you are looking for something to really brighten your day, (who isn’t?) Target is doing something very cool that we would love to see more companies do. From Arlyn: “My oldest brother had cerebral palsy and was confined to a wheelchair his entire life, so seeing Fast Company’s article about how Target is launching adaptive Halloween costumes for kids with mobility challenges honestly makes me want to cry of happiness and gratitude. Bravo Target for bringing joy to ALL kids.”

Caitlin has been using Co-Star for the past year and knows it’s sort of like, a cultural phenomenon right now, but she wants this to serve as the final push for everyone who hasn’t downloaded it yet. Stop what you’re doing, figure out your birth time, download the app, and join the legion of people sharing screenshots of those incredibly specific one-liner horoscopes every day. Even if you’re not totally sold on astrology, it’ll give you a lot to think about! 

Sara really enjoyed this article and thinks it could be the solution for the seemingly never-ending millennial-hustle-and-burn-out epidemic.

Here’s something that has completely transformed Carolina’s skin: Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask. She’s been using it for over a year. It’s super hydrating, great for all skin types and multi-use (she likes to add an extra layer under her eyes as an eye cream). She loves IT.

Velinda gave her wife a monthly candle subscription to Vellabox as a Christmas gift two years ago. The gift was supposed to have an end date, but their scents are so consistently good and the random, monthly treat so enjoyable, Santa just couldn’t say “no”!

While Jess is not currently in a relationship, she does consider herself a traditional monogamist—however, she found this article  SUPER interesting. It definitely got her thinking about how she may examine and handle her future relationship…Could she possibly stray from the ‘norm’ and have a more open mind????

Mallory is an avid coffee drinker and also loves a good body scrub. These two things seem so random and far from each other that they would likely never go together…right? Wrong. She’s been using this Coffee Body Scrub from Frank Body twice a week for the last month and it’s every coffee-lover’s dream (plus it’s only $9.95 and lasts forever).

Chandler loves these pants from Target and so does everyone else on the EHD team (no really, three more people ordered them this week). The white stitching and wide leg make them really versatile with boots, sneakers or sandals for a year-round pant that is also super comfortable.

And you know what will go GREAT with those pants? This crop tee Veronica bought from Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago. She says it’s super comfy, simple, but cute and pairs very well with high waist shorts/jeans. It comes in nine different colors (she has it in green), but she will probably buy more colors very soon because she loves it so much.

Finally, after last weekend’s back-to-back mass shootings, Ryann’s (and we are sure many others’) heart broke once again for the families who lost loved ones to insensible acts of violence. She seriously wonders when both sides of the debate will work together and start making real changes to protect people. She thinks this article hits the nail on the head and found this and this article very informative regarding gun laws and mental illness. For information on how you can help the Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas victims, head here.

Okay, that is all we have for you today. See you tomorrow for the first day of MOUNTAIN HOUSE REVEAL WEEK. xx

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3 years ago

Those pants and the crop top (along with the pants on the model with that crop top) where on shopping list of my teenage daughter this summer

3 years ago

I noticed that bucle sofa in Ulla J’s master… I have been seeing that fabric everywhere (including your recent roundup of statement sofas). I love the look of it but wonder how easy it is to upkeep. Anyone know?

3 years ago
Reply to  Courtney

I would love to know the answer to this too! I’m about to recover some chairs and considering this type of fabric but am concerned that it’ll be hard to clean.

Samantha Zutler
3 years ago
Reply to  Courtney

I thought the same thing! Does anyone know a source for that fabric that’s not a million dollars a yard?

3 years ago

Loved the Man Repeller article Sara! Very thought provoking!

3 years ago

That tour was beautiful! Seriously. Wow. I will admit though, I almost died when I saw that her rug was $20k.

3 years ago

Wow that house tour is unreal!!!

3 years ago

She “seriously wonders when both sides of the debate will work together and start making real change to protect people” – is this a joke? I’m sure you don’t want to alienate your fans who are Trump supporters but the reality is that Democrats in the House passed gun control legislation prior to these latest mass shootings and it’s been blocked in the Senate by Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Yes, I care about design and clothes but I also care about morality in our national political leaders. You don’t do anyone any favors with such false statements. Shame on you — you have a voice and a platform, don’t use them to spread such pablum when people are dying.

3 years ago
Reply to  Nancy

I usually skip the political stuff on this blog because I find all of it a little tone deaf, but I just reread it and completely agree with you. How many sides can there be to this issue?

Samantha Zutler
3 years ago

I love this series! That Freehand video was adorable, but a reminder (again) about the lack of diversity in advertising. Is everyone who visits and works at the Freehand white?? I know it just follows one family but, dude, it’s 2019 and the Freehand is IN LOS ANGELES.

3 years ago

Hello Emily…my rooms are small, and I need a. Red/pinkish sofa bed/chair for one. I’m not having any luck. Could you pls advise me! Thank you.

3 years ago

These posts are fun, but I feel like the recommendations being in third person makes them feel a little impersonal and clunky.

3 years ago
Reply to  Courtney

I agree!

3 years ago

I looked at this post earlier and saw a comment discussing the tone-deaf quality of your “both sides” comment on the shootings. I came back to see if you had responded and the comment is gone. I hope it is a situation where she deleted her note rather than you censoring a comment that was very much relevant to the post.

3 years ago

Arlyn – thank you for letting us know about Target’s inclusive Halloween costumes. My daughter has been disabled since birth and even though she is an adult now, she squealed with delight when she saw the costumes! Her exact words, “That’s so COOL!!! Thanks, Target!” We did a lot of innovative, home-made costumes when she was young, and still do for adult parties, but never thought of turning the wheelchair into part of the costume with covers for the push rims. We’ll be stealing this idea, and checking to see just how big the largest size costume is. Beloved daughter is petite, so maybe she’ll buy one. Either way, Target’s brilliant move has her thinking creatively, and that’s a great thing, especially for an artist, which she is.

Janice Carlson
3 years ago

“When both sides of the debate will work together”? Love the newsletter as always, but please do a bit ofresearch and don’t “both sides” this life-or-death issue.

[…] Wait To See IRL & Caitlin’s Go-To Horoscope App appeared first on Emily Henderson. Source by […]

Paige Poorman
3 years ago

Thank you so much for using your platform to talk about gun violence.

3 years ago

“Could she possibly stray from the ‘norm’ and have a more open mind????”. Since when did being in a monogamous relationship become close-minded??!

3 years ago

That mirror is amazing. Do we know where we can get one for normal folks? Or you know, something similar?

[…] post The Link Up: The Pants 4 Of Us Bought This Week, The Hotel Julie Can’t Wait To See IRL & Cait… appeared first on Emily […]

Sarah Foster
2 years ago

Jess- as a nearly 40 year old happily married for 13 years mom of two daughters, I so wish we could go to coffee with you and talk about why approaching relationships the way the Man Repeller article presented would likely leave you with so many feelings of emptiness and regret. I could write a ridiculously long comment on this article. If I had to summarize my experience and feelings, I’d say that you deserve a partner that you can adventure WITH and honesty is a must. That article encourages the bad kind of individualism- we’re all wired for meaningful relationships. All my best to you!

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