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by EHD Staff
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photo source | design by sans-arc studio

We know this is pretty insensitive to those dealing with yet ANOTHER snow storm but in LA we are in full springtime fever mode. Floral outfits are being presented almost every day at work, vacations are getting booked and the beach is an actual place we want/need to be on the weekends (despite the 45+ minute commute for some of us east siders). However, the construction outside the office that has been going on for what feels like YEARS is keeping us humble. Overall, we had a great week and hope you did, too. So before we head into a brand new one, let’s fill up on some great recommendations from all of us…

Emily’s friend and EHD favorite Justina Blakeney just redesigned her laundry room and boy is it so fun. It’s colorful, full of life and of course oh so cool. That wallpaper!

Speaking of Emily’s friends, Arlyn loved this interview on Bleu with Jen Gotch (and a peek inside her fun, warm, collected home).

Bowser can’t stop, won’t stop, posting about Bulletproof. She is fully integrated into their cult. She takes so many of their supplements but she does want to single out one in particular—Glutathione Force. It’s like a drug for being a superhero. In the past, her immunity was terrible and all she can say is during the year of being on this stuff, she hasn’t gotten sick once.

Jess has probably watched this video five times. This love story caught on tape is truly the definition of beauty but undefinable in its depth. All love should sound like this. Yes, she happy cried and you probably will, too.

Speaking of love stories (kidding…or are we?), Julie finally found her perfect one-piece swimsuit. She says it has the right type of cut-outs (the flattering kind) and is the unicorn of swimsuits. SOLD.

Sara is always wearing this scent from Madewell called Beau Fragrance. The scent is described as “always feeling like magic hour” and it really does. Plus, aside from being our resident photog extraordinaire, she’s our resident scent expert so if there is anyone from our team to trust on this topic, it’s her. 

Umm, that little arch-heaven addition in the photo above had Jess straight up drooling when she saw it on The Design Files Instagram. The rest of the team agrees on its utter perfection. Go to their site to see the inside ASAP.

Emily + the design team have recently been stalking @tintaluhrman‘s Instagram account for some neutral eye candy. 

A friend of Ryann’s boyfriend, Desure just released a new song called Los Angeles and she just really loves it (though she may be biased)

Arlyn has another solid gold Instagram eye candy account recommendation: DISC Interiors.  She bookmarks images from them again and again. 

Sara found this SUPER interesting Reddit article about a specialist that helps people to overcome the idea of perfection. She is a self-proclaimed perfectionist and with her job/general lifestyle, her need to be “perfect” causes a lot of anxiety. So reading through some of these questions and answers has been helpful to better understand it.

Grace loves this Etsy seller Dirt and Hands that makes the cutest miniature ceramic houses. She saw her set of freestanding ceramic houses over the holidays and has been wanting to buy from her since, but hasn’t gotten anything because she’s not quite ready to commit to the shipping costs from the UK. 

Since we were talking all about jeans yesterday, Veronica can’t say enough about her American Eagle Mom jeans. According to her, they are the best thing to ever happen to her. And while she knows that sounds dramatic, she’s someone who always struggled with finding a jean brand to fit perfectly in the waist and thighs. She swears by these. AE often has deals such as buy one, get one 50% or will reduce all of their jeans to $30 and below, so keep your eyes peeled.

Last week, Jess, Arlyn, Erik, Bowser and Veronica all bought these Lou and Grey glasses. They are supposed to block 30% of the blue light emitted from our computers to better protect their eyes. They are clear and they all look very hip…but also like total dorks because they are all matching. For $30, why not? FYI not great for photo editing because they have a yellowish tint on the lens. 🙂

Velinda’s sister (cosmetologist) got her this Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Kit for her bday. She’s never gotten this detailed with her makeup before but turns out contouring is an easy thing that makes a big difference. Instant cheekbones!

Okay, Arlyn hasn’t actually tried these Fern and Willow Premium Loft Down Alternative Pillows yet but she just ordered them because her pillows were lumpy pancakes and she’s had a stiff neck for a solid week but really excited about these. She will report back.

Julie is all grown up now and bought her first car AND this amazing magnetic car mount. Hands-free dreams coming true.  

HBO’s Crashing is one of Veronica’s favorite TV Shows. It’s all about the challenges and growth of up-and-coming comedian Pete Holmes, plus tons of funny special appearances from well-known comedians/actors such as Sarah Silverman, John Mulaney, TJ Miller, and more. Based on real events from Holmes’ life. Such a great show.

That’s it for today. Any favorites or your own recommendations? Let us know in the comments. For those who are cold, stay warm and for those that are warm, be extremely grateful. We sure are. See all you beautiful people tomorrow. xx

  1. I love these roundups; they’re one of my favorites. Thanks so much. I just watched “The Silence” on Netflix last night and while there were a few too many echoes of “Birdbox” present throughout in my opinion, I still liked it a lot. Looking forward to next watching “Our Planet.” Happy Sunday!

    1. We were talking about Our Planet this week. Michael was telling us about how some of the scenes can be hard to watch, but sometimes that’s what it takes to open our eyes to how our planet and the animals that reside on it are struggling. 🙁

  2. I got that urban swimmie last year and I love it! I did get it shortened, since I’m 5’1”, but it was super easy for my seamstress because of the style of the suit.

    No one buy this in ATX! I don’t want anyone to match me at Barton this summer 😉

  3. This comment doesn’t relate to the links above but it is related to a previous link up. I did the Enneagram test after you linked to a daily email for your type and I did a deep dive into it then and I’m totally obsessed now (thanks) but I’ve nobody to talk to about it. I’m a 4 and my partner is a 6. Is there any other online resource you guys recommend for learning more about Enneagrams or interacting with others of the same type? I’m hungry for more!
    ps. I come here for the design normally, love this blog

    1. Oh Emily Bowser is our Enneagram expert. I’ll have her chime in to give you more resources tomorrow!

  4. I’d like to subscribe

  5. I just watched “Being Serena” on a Delta flight and I was so inspired! Coming to Netflix at the end of May 🙂

    1. Is this about Serena Williams?? Sounds great. I’ll keep an eye out!

  6. Hi! This is Sarah (from Dirt and Hands)
    Grace, thank you so much for including my houses in your round up – I’m so thrilled that you like them!
    Postage is the most hideous thing when it comes to online shopping.
    If you’re still up for having some little houses, I’ll happily pay for the shipping to show my gratitude for the mention 😊

    1. Oh hi Sarah! What a nice surprise that you read the blog! That is VERY sweet of you to offer – thank you! I’ll send you a message on Etsy/Instagram 🙂

      1. Great! I look forward to hearing from you! And again, thanks for the mention ☺️

  7. Shocking article about how “Your cotton tote is pretty much the worst replacement for a plastic bag”. Basically there’s no easy answer (and, yikes, organic cotton may be WORSE). Sad/confused face. https://qz.com/1585027/when-it-comes-to-climate-change-cotton-totes-might-be-worse-than-plastic/

    1. Oh man, yeah. Cotton has been a big ol’ sad face for me. And I live in cotton country too so it also made me feel extra good that I could buy local. 🙁 Now I feel extra bad cause we need that water, and we need it clean.

  8. These roundups are my favorite thing of the week! So fun to read what everyone is into 🙂

  9. The house is beautiful, adding more curtains is great. You can see sample blinds here: https://avinahome.com/cach-chon-rem-cuon-gia-re.html

  10. i’ve been using blue light glasses for a couple years and they’re a game changer if you get migraines! when i put them on some days it feels like my eyes take a deep, relaxing breath.

  11. Hi! Can you tag your team members Instagram’s when you call them out?? Would love to get to know them as well! 🙂

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