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The Link Up: Emily-Approved Pants, Souptember-Inspired Recipes & Arlyn’s Plastic-Free Solution For Produce

image via Architectural Digest | design by Ben Pentreath

Welcome back to The Link Up. This week was team EHD’s first week back from vacation, so needless to say we had LOTS to chat about and share with each other. First up, today’s home tour is brought to you by Architectural Digest and is home of the lovely Liv Tyler. If you love a dreamy, retro-styled home, we recommend giving your eyeballs a treat. Now, let’s get to those links:

Emily loves these pants from Target. They have a strangely modern and good fit that reminds her of her favorite designer Ulla Johnson, but literally at a fraction of the cost. She is still figuring out what to wear them with (crop top? fitted tank?) but every time she puts them on she’s like “DAMN these are cute.”

If you haven’t already been listening to Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast, let today be the day you change that. It is a really great podcast all about how we can redefine success and chase our dreams. We are all huge fans. Run don’t walk.

Oh and speaking of new things to listen to, one of my good friend’s (emily here) band just dropped a new album. It’s a throwback rock and roll album by Dbone Reckley (we call him Derik) and its RAD – I especially love Happy Hour and Peach Tree Jacket. If you have the budget to buy it instead of streaming do that 🙂

The best Instagram accounts often hit us, without warning, straight in the face. @chonky.animals came to Mallory unexpected, uninvited, yet she’s incredibly grateful. And yup, it actually is chonky with an “o”.

Recently, Carolina went on a trip and needed new luggage so she bought CALPAK’s Ambeur Carry-On Luggage. She loves how lightweight and spacious the interior packing compartment is and thinks it is definitely worth the price tag.

Caitlin’s favorite tech reporter is the NYT’s Mike Isaac (pro tip: he has a very fun Twitter) and she could not stop reading his new book about Uber, Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber. It’s a deep dive into the missteps of its now-ousted founder, Travis Kalanick, and IT. IS. JUICIER. THAN. ALL. HER. FAVORITE. TV. SHOWS. Vanity Fair posted a release-day excerpt which you can read here (before immediately buying the book, because like, how could you not after hearing about an executive screaming match?)

Our resident perfume expert Sara has helped Julie to finally find her signature scent. Beau by Madewell blends coconut (which is Julie’s all-time favorite scent) with palo santo, white flower, leather and cedar. 

Arlyn says she’s pretty good about bringing her reusable shopping bags to the grocery store, but then she undoes it all with the 20ish plastic produce bags she gets on every weekly trip. She found these plastic-free organic cotton mesh bags (with tare weights!) and LOVES them. She only has one set so far, but will probably buy two—one to have on hand to bring to the store, and the other to have in her fridge in use. The mesh helps your produce to breath, so it will (in theory) stay fresher longer. Plus, yay less plastic. 

Veronica just bought these jeans and highly recommends them for the summer/fall transitional season. They are true to size, super comfy, stretchy, and go with everything. She likes to pair with a T-shirt and high top converse. 

Bowser has a white cat and a dark cat which means no matter what the surface, their fur is EVERYWHERE. The vacuum can’t handle it and lint rollers are so wasteful so with an impending visit from friends, she googled “best fur picker-upper” and came across the ChomChom roller. Immediately after receiving it from amazon, she went ChomChom CRAZY. IT. WORKS. SO. WELL.

It was quite an icebreaker Chandler’s first week at EHD when everyone in the office demanded to know from where she got her lunchbox. It is made with paper but very durable and is a chic twist on the traditional paper bag lunch. 

And finally, what better way to start off SOUPtember than to share some of the recipes we are dying to try. Robyn from Real Food Whole Life cooked up 20 recipes in the actual name of Souptember (Emily inspired her last year), and we’re all busy whipping them up. Who else is on the SOUPtember train? Be sure to leave your soup recipes below!

There you have it. We hope to see you again tomorrow for a BRAND NEW REVEAL. xx

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2 years ago

This has been my favorite soup for years and I make it at least once a week in the fall/winter/spring: The recipe is originally from my brother-in-law’s restaurant on Cape Cod but at this point I’ve made it so many times I can practically do it with my eyes closed! The recipe calls for linguica but it’s also good with a really spicy chorizo 🙂

2 years ago

i’ve done this one a few times and enjoy it. I will warn that it does have some kick that is almost too much for me but it is a good spicy.

2 years ago

I love this soup so much. The broth us amazing. If you have nice carrots, those also work well instead of the sweet potato/winter squash

This is another fave of mine:

2 years ago

Regarding the plastic produce bag alternative, my solution is to not use bags of any kind.

It’s not that hard to corral five loose apples, or three onions. It’s so easy (I’m thinking of you, Amazon Prime) to quickly purchase something to solve one problem, but then we’re still contributing to the issue at large with that very purchase (from producing that product, to marketing that product, to shipping that product, etc).

In our quest to help the earth, the first step should be refuse: Refuse / Reduce / Reuse / Recycle.

2 years ago
Reply to  Karen


2 years ago
Reply to  Karen

I also just lay my veg right on the counter instead of any bag. It’s been handled by so many people anyway and needs a good washing!

2 years ago

This vegan and velvety Kale and Spinach soup is the bomb. So easy to make and incredibly forgiving in terms of not needing precise measurements on ingredients. It is a fall and winter staple in our soup rotation.

2 years ago
Reply to  Steven

Link to recipe?

Roberta Davis
2 years ago

thanks for all the great soup and stew ideas/recipes!!!! Trying to eat more soup, mainly to get more vegetables in without a lot of fat calories.

sherrie S
2 years ago

I am enjoying Emily’s soup recipes from last year and look forward to new ones!

2 years ago

Pro tip! The mesh bags are also useful if you’re washing small things like baby socks and want to keep them all together.

2 years ago

Thanks for the pet hair recommendation. I also stopped using the tape kind years ago because of waste but have never found a better solution. I also have a white fluffy cat so it’s necessary to have something along with tons of vacuuming and a couch that have washable covers!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Dena

One of my cats has very fine fur that is hard to pick up, even after multiple passes with the brush on my Miele vacuum. Using a lint roller is not an option because it’s totally wasteful. I had tried other things like the sponges and rubber bristle brushes, but still not getting all the cat fur. I came across the ChomChom and my word, there is nothing else that works as well. My sister got a blue velvet sofa and was about to loose her mind having to vacuum it daily because of her three cats. I sent her a ChomChom and she was thrilled with the results. I use it on my bed linens before I launder them and it makes a huge difference. They no longer come out of the washer or dryer with huge balls of cat hair stuck to them. It works!!!

2 years ago

Love these roundup posts! This shirt would look uptown prairie with Emily’s Target pants in white :

2 years ago

I’m a native New Englander and an early-November baby, so I was born to love fall. And that obviously includes cooking up big batches of soup on a chilly day!

These two recipes are the ones I turn to the most, and I love that they’re both creamy in texture but neither actually requires cream or really any dairy (other than butter…and the goat cheese balls for the asparagus soup, but those are a delicious accoutrement and not the base of the soup itself!)

If the asparagus soup turns out bland, which it did the first time I made it, add more salt before declaring it a failure. It goes a LONG way to bringing out the flavor. (I have a tendency to add half the salt called for).

This is probably the recipe that I make the most, though. It’s easy and delicious plus it freezes well!

[…] denim || speaking of paperbag waistlines, hi, these pants are SO cute! i first discovered them on emily henderson (LOVE her home and personal style)’s website. she sang their praises so much that i went straight to the target website to investigate further. […]

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