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The Link Up: EHD’s Favorite Table Lamp, Arlyn’s Chickpea “Cookie Dough” Recipe, Julie’s Perfect Travel Skort


photo by Luiza Florenzano | via historias de casa

First things first…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Emily Henderson. Yes, it’s our fearless leader’s big day and we hope it’s perfect. We will have to save the singing, hugs and inevitable treats until we are all reunited on Tuesday. But since today is also a Sunday (of a holiday weekend, no less), we have a GREAT Link Up for you this week so let’s get to it.

New international design site alert! Historias de Casa is full of beautiful Brazilian design…like the photo above.

Emily has a deep love for Vince platform slip-on sneakers and these new woven natural/black kicks that she wore to the mountain house reader event are her new favorite. The style ups the “cool” factor to seriously any outfit and they are super comfy and on-the-go friendly.

Sara’s homemade old fashioned daiquiris are her go-to summer (and almost fall) drink this year, and it’s not the frozen monstrosity that most people are used to (we’re talking just good rum, homemade simple syrup, and fresh lime juice on the rocks). She uses this recipe.

The orange eye shadow or more fondly named the “Aperol Spritz” eyeshadow trend is here and honestly, looks good on almost every skin tone. Jess was here for it and found this super affordable jewel-tone eye palette from Sephora.  “I’m mostly obsessed with lighter tangerine color. It makes my green eyes pop and makes me feel very cool without looking like I’m trying too hard.

Ryann, a chronic snacker, found out that cauliflower pretzels are so tasty and she will likely never be the same. They are her ideal office snack and are great to eat alone or dipped in hummus.

Caitlin’s new favorite Instagram is House Hunters Screens, which is EXACTLY what you think it is. These screencaps run the gamut from silly (“Nobody wants to watch themselves that closely”) to a little existential (“You know, you can have fun if you want to.”) “This appeals to the part of me that like, loves watching Nathan for You while scrolling through memes—it’s the best.”

For anyone who lives for eating raw cookie dough but realizes they’re an adult trying to be remotely healthy, Arlyn has a chickpea-based recipe for you: “I know this sounds weird, but I promise it’s ridiculously delicious and just as good as Nestle. Stash it in the fridge before eating for ultimate deliciousness.”

Velinda and Bowser used this lamp from CB2 in two recent designs recently (Sixpenny and Velux), so obviously we’re fans…as are some of you asking about it. So, here, you’re welcome.

Chandler recently got the Beis makeup bag and she loves it. It’s big enough to hold all of her makeup plus moisturizers face washes etc. Also, it has a spot for your brushes so that they don’t get dirty as well as a mirror for when you’re doing your makeup on the go. She loves that it’s just a very practical design and also nice quality.

This is the perfect summer/fall skirt because it feels like you’re not wearing anything but it is so chic and has shorts! Julie just bought it for her European excursion and plans to wear it 17/18 days of the trip.

For those days Carolina wants to have a “no-makeup look,” she always goes for her NARS Liquid Blush in Orgasm. It’s super buildable without getting too heavy, and gives a natural-looking, second-skin finish.

This illustration artist is MEGA talented! Veronica says she personally has the drawing skills of a kindergartener— “tbh, most 4-year olds could probably show me up,”—so she is uber jealous of this lady’s beautiful talent. Her colors and detail are incredible, making her images jump off the page.

Mallory has been having an internal struggle trying to decide how she feels about all these trendy hair accessories coming in HOT this fall. She’s already on the scrunchie train (these are the softest of them all, Chandler can attest), but is now considering this hair clip situation. Thoughts?

Short-ish and very sweet. Have a wonderful holiday weekend and see you Tuesday for the reveal of the mountain house master bedroom (if you aren’t caught up, check out everything we’ve revealed so far here). xx

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Happy Birthday Emily!!!


How about a post from Brian about how he feels about the Mountain House and the choices, etc.? There was a lot of talk early on about what he wanted the house to feel like and I’d love to know what he thinks now.
Loved his birthday post to Emily.


I like this idea!

Mary Ann

Hey there –
Thanks for the hair clip tip, Mallory! I’m on it. I’ll head to Anthropologie tomorrow for the black and white ones… I’m thinking they might work well with my salt and pepper (short!) hair.
Have a great extra-weekend-day!
Oh, and Happiest Birthday, Emily!

Mary Ann

Oops. I mean Urban Outfitters!

Karen Steinberg

Hi Emily,
I love your blog and read it every day. I was so excited when you announced your new search bar to find old blog posts, but today when I wanted to go back and look for the post you wrote on mouldings and trim that was so informative, I could not get it to come up. Very frustrating. I’m trying to find some baseboard and chair rail ideas for a remodel and knew that would be a great resource.

Hi Karen! Just as a correction, and in hopes to lead you in the right direction, we haven’t released a new search bar (though hopefully that’s coming down the line). Instead, we created our Rooms page ( where you can search by room and then by what kind of post (i.e. shopping, renovation, trends, etc.). As for the post you brought up, I THINK you mean this one? If not, we can dig up whichever one you need and send your way!


Mallory! I’m on it. I’ll head to Anthropologie tomorrow for the black and white ones… I’m thinking they might work well with my salt and pepper (short!) hair.

Allan Brown

Hi Emily, that was an informative post. I loved the interiors and tips that you shared. I am pursuing Interior Design Courses London and hope to read more from you in the future. Thanks and Cheers.

Luke valentim

The table is the most beautiful thing!


I love Historias De Casas so much. They feature the most interesting homes that are full of unique and colorful things. Every post is so far removed from the typical all white/beige/greige/tan/Scandinavian/farmhouse US trends, which makes me very happy.

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