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The Link Up: Celery Juice-Induced Glow (Maybe), A Happy House Tour & New Furniture Lines


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This has been such a fun but BUSY week. I took three of my team members with me to Minneapolis to talk all things Target for 2019 and we even got a sneak peek into the fall collection WHICH IS SO VERY VERY GOOD.  I want to give a huge shout out to Minneapolis for being such a lovely city to host us, including the 15-foot Scandinavian-style hot tub on the roof. That never hurts. But they had no 5 am celery juice, so it’s really all a fail.

First, we need to discuss the celery juice trend and how I feel about it. This is the one where you wake up and before coffee, you wash, chop and juice an entire thing of celery using all 15 parts of your highly underutilized yet expensive juicer. Then you drink that 16 ounces of pulp-less juice fast with nothing, I mean NOTHING, else in your stomach and don’t you dare put anything in your stomach for 20-30 minutes after. Why? Mostly, it’s supposed to be detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and something about hydrochloric acid and stomach bile to assist in digestion, able to metabolize food better and flush out fats, etc. It has “magical medicinal powers.” I had two people (not good friends, but strong testaments) that said it was life-changing. So I tried it, obviously, for three days in a row (stopped only because of travel) and I will say this: my stomach felt very “bright” and yes digestion was great (but souping makes it great). Day three, my stomach felt extremely unbloated. But you guys, the amount of WORK to juice and clean each morning at 5:30 or 6 am (I get up before juice bars open or likely I would just buy this stuff) is INSANE. And no, you can’t make it the night before. No you can’t make it in batches and NO you can’t mix it with apples. It’s like we are all being punked because it’s SO RIDICULOUS. But that’s not the best part…the best part is the fact that LA IS RUNNING OUT OF CELERY. Rumors were that Erewhon (a natural foods store that is even fancier than Whole Foods in WeHo) actually ran out of celery. They couldn’t keep it in stalk stock!!!! While I do love to try these hilarious wellness trends, sometimes I literally can’t believe the town that we live in (and yet, I love to embrace). Will I continue to do it? Probably. Hell, I invested in this massive juicer (anyone have a smaller, less expensive juicer they absolutely love??) so I have to”stick” with it…

The opener image is from the East Hampton home of Maxwell Ryan (founder of Apartment Therapy) and it honestly stopped me while flipping through the new, recently rebranded House Beautiful. He’s a friend and not even knowing it was him, I said this to myself “this is so my style, well, but better.” It has personality and quirk, and feels fresh and inventive but pulled together and cohesive. GREAT JOB MAXWELL. See the full tour here.

I know we talked about Leanne Ford’s amazing lighting collab with Target a few weeks ago but now it’s available online! RUN before it’s all gone. I bought this floor lamp and this table lamp for myself. 🙂

Another friend of mine, Joy Cho of Oh Joy, recently came out with an online business class on how to grow a team. I have always admired her incredible business sense so I have no doubt this class is incredibly helpful. Way to go, Joy.

I love this Peter Thomas Roth Potent-C™ Vitamin C Bright & Plump Moisturizer. Historically, I have very dry skin, and it makes my skin feel moist and plump (though maybe it was all the celery juice??)

Speaking of all things beauty, Grace HIGHLY recommends the YSL The Shock Volumizing Mascara. She discovered it from a beauty vlogger in December and has loved it ever since. She says it’s the most volumizing mascara she’s ever used and it smells good! A welcomed bonus.

Did you see this house tour on Archectitural Digest?? Rebecca de Ravenel’s home design gave my eyeballs the visual happy escape they needed. (And Arlyn is dying over all the “English cottage vibe” textiles.)

Bowser read a great article on Domino on why/how to diversify your Instagram feed with 47 creative people of color to follow now. It’s a MUST READ.

Chef Arlyn has another kitchen staple recommendation…the perfect use for basically anything and everything “pasta” bowl from Williams-Sonoma. She went months with no dinner plates after her move and didn’t even miss them.

Unlike Arlyn, Jess would NEVER be mistaken for a chef (her words). But in the midst of JanSTEWary, she found this delicious Lemony Kale White Bean Soup from Fork Knife Swoon (veg optional). She says it’s super easy to make (one of her cooking requirements) and could eat it every day. The only adjustments she makes is using a chicken bone broth instead of chicken stock.

Blog friend and Jungalow Queen Justine Blakeney’s new launch for Anthropologie is straight out of our boho dreams (especially this hanging chair and this coffee table).

For any true crime lovers out there, Sara could not stop watching Abducted in Plain Sight on Netflix last weekend. In her own words, “it was wild, upsetting, engrossing, and mind-bending. The entire time I was holding my face going ‘oh noooooo’.”

Julie is bringing the happy tears this week with this article from 2016. Even though it’s a few years old, it still makes her happy cry. FYI the video is a happy emotional doozy. 

We’re never NOT talking about the Enneagram in our office (I’m a 7)—if you are unfamiliar, it’s a personality typing and super interesting. For those of you as into it as we are, you can have a thought sent to your email every day for your specific number and one other number (maybe your wing or your partner’s numbers).  Bowser (our resident Enneagram expert) says that they can sometimes be a little basic, but often times cut DEEP. 

If Jess isn’t crying while reading emotional articles on the internet, she is probably laughing at MyTherapistSays’s Instagram account.

It’s about to be a long weekend for me and the team (perks of being a boss and demanding we take holidays off). No Sunday scaries happening over here. We won’t have a post up tomorrow, but come back Tuesday for SUCH FUN CONTENT next week (makeover takeover intro and reveals, a renter-friendly budget reveal, and more). Hope you have a great rest of your Sunday. xx


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Thanks for the list! Is there a link for the article from 2016 that Julie is happy crying over? Love those! Thanks.

Whoops. We’ll get you that link super soon! 🙂


Breville has a compact juicer… xo and LOL to LA ran out of celery… but I believe it.. lol and miss LA all the more for it 😉

ginger Pinson

FYI to all of you juicing– You might want to go to the list of fruits and veggies of the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen which is updated yearly. Celery juice is amazing and also helps you sleep better but you want to keep the pesticides out for a variety of reasons. Here’s a link:


Which Breville? Does it work for celery? Thank you!!!


bloomingdales has it “breville juice fountain compact juice extracter” that i bought as a gift – has ~5000 reviews on amazon and reviews say its great for celery juice.. i personally use a nutribullet with water added to my celery so that i can drink the entire veg… blends like a juice and I like that im upping my water intake at the same time… dont want to throw out any of that fiber from the celery! 🙂

Ha LA truly is a special place ?


Julie’s happy tears link is missing. Love you!


I have plates and find myself using the Williams Sonoma “pasta” bowls for most meals. Glad I’m not the only one!

Right?!? I honestly use these for everything except soup and cereal (not deep enough).


I LOVE these Sunday posts!


Agree that celery juice is an amazing diuretic, which is why you feel less bloated. Probably lowers your blood pressure, too. And it doesn’t hurt to fill your belly with vegetable juice, but not sure the science is there for all the amazing cures that some people are selling. Have to agree, that I don’t think you’re hurting anything by trying. My husband brought home a fairly small and inexpensive Hamilton Beach juicer. I was skeptical, because it wasn’t a Norwalk or Breville, but it works pretty well. I’m not springing for anything more, because I think that in general, whole foods (with fiber) are better than juices.


You’re totally on point on the fiber. The intestine has these tiny hair-like fingers called villi that absorb the nutrients you eat. Fiber slows down food moving through the intestine. Researchers just found that in juices where the fiber is removed, the juice moves through the intestine too fast for the villi to absorb most of the nutrients. Worse off, it can only absorb the sugar that quickly. So the statement of people saying that the body absorbs “juices” easier is actually the opposite. I don’t think juicing is harmful (I have a juicer that I rarely use anymore…ugh the cleaning) but it’s not the miracle drink that people believe it is.

OH this is fascinating and I have to agree I am not convinced it is the miracle drink that people think it is *sigh*


About that celery juice – if it makes your life easier – you can absolutely make it the night before. Especially with the juicer you have, the juice should be fresh and potent the next day. You could even make 2-3 days worth at a time with no issues. I batch make celery juice and green smoothies. Green smoothies are also amazing for digestion and last a day or two longer than juice in the frig.

Julie S

I too am dying all over the English cottage textiles transplanted into a California modern white home. WAY too much for me but it was nice to visit. Do you know, after two years of pinning for our current home I FINALLY discovered homes that look just like mine… and they are all in Spain! California-esque sunlight and white walls in modern ranch type homes but a little more happy/warm/welcoming without the minimal starkness and reliance on blues of the McGee/Amber California vibe.

LOL at the celery in LA. I live in San Diego now. Y’all are crazy. I’m never moving back.

I have found a lot more useful stuff for personal growth via Enneagram than Myers Briggs which I still also like (I’m a 4… ugh)(yes self loathing is a common part of it ugh lol oh God) My husband is a high functioning 8 which he has seemingly achieved without much striving, and I’m an average functioning 4, despite ongoing efforts to grow over the years. I’m totally checking out the daily email thing.

I LOVE Spanish architecture and design. It’s exactly how you say. It has a warmth, earthiness to it, but still happy and Spanish homes featured in mags always have THE BEST art!


Julie, I would love to see your Spanish home pins. Would you mind listing your Pinterest or if not, some of the links to the Spanish homes?




you factually stay mere blocks from TRUCE juice in mpls. they would open & celery for you any time!


Regarding celery juicing: Oh, for God’s sake. ?


Probably a dumb question but … why do you have to juice it? Why can’t you just wake up and eat a bunch of celery?

I think the idea is that no one is actually going to sit and eat an entire stalk of celery, but it’s easier to consume in liquid form. Right?


From an international readers perspective is it at all possible to name the links the name of the products? For example, I love everything target, but when I click on “this floor lamp” it then takes me to the international target website which then asks me all sorts of consumer shipping questions…in the end, I never get the chance to see what “this floor lamp” even looks like. For reference, it’s usually only the Target website that we have this issue with…(yes I have emailed target about this as well) I don’t mean to be negative Nellie, but I really love all your posts and I hate missing out on your new finds! Thanks!

Ohhh I had no idea! We can definitely include the name of the product in the future. Thanks for letting us know xx


I drank gallons of celery juice in August and September when my local organic farm had a beautiful dark green variety. It was indescribably good and I felt great and am honestly counting down the months to get it again. But…. 1. I’m not that motivated to do it with regular celery. Tried it once and found it disappointing. It might be worth keeping an eye out for the dark green variety. 2. You can so prep the celery the night before! Or even juice and refidgerate the night before. Or even two nights before, honestly! If not every single nutrient is perfectly optimized, so what? You are drinking CELERY instead of a Frappuccino. You are WINNING. It’s not a magic spell where if you substitute eye of newt for toe of frog, all the vitamins and minerals and nutrients turn to poison and the magic doesn’t work. If the extra effort makes you value it more, invest your energy in on finding fresh local celery, especially heirloom varieties. 3. Same with the juice part. Don’t add a few cups worth of sugar because it’s not good for you, but a bit of pineapple and a splash of lime in… Read more »


I love your recommedations – just subscribed to the “My therapist says….” Instagram, quite funny! I also love that beige/blue sofa and room in your first picture. If you have dry skin, try Hyaluronic acid – it traps moisture in your skin. As for juicing – I usually put everything in my Vitamix and if it’s with pulp, so what? It’s still healthy! I am not a fan of celery stalks though, celery root is much much better. Love boho chic at Anthro…..too expensive for my taste, but one can improvise. Oh and the floor lamp from Target……I’ve got to stop reading, I want it all!!!!


Re Hyaluronic Acid for trapping moisture in your skin…once applied use an occlusive (just moisturizer or sunscreen moisturizer ) to keep the moisture from evaporating.

Good information about skin care from Dr Dray on youtube. You’ll love learning how the ingredients work and what can cause irritation, inflammation or allergic issues.


I just watched Abducted in Plain Sight last week. Recommended on a Netflix must watch list I found. I was shocked, really. I must have said WTF 100 times during the show, as I was shaking my head. My boyfriend wasn’t equally flabbergasted. A definite must see. We both agreed that we need to digest it for a while, and watch again.

Erin Walsh Design

That Leanne Ford floor lamp is so good! Love the texture & warmth!

Laura Weatherbee

Awesome that you went to Minneapolis to talk about Target stuff! I’ll have to check out that roof-top hot tub. I would love love love if you could talk to Target about making a trip overseas to give us a sneak peak inside the factories. I adore all the cute Target home goods, but my 2 biggest concerns are: 1. Are the people who make this stuff paid well and treated fairly? 2. What are the environmental impacts of all this cute affordable, accessible stuff. More people buying stuff eventually means more people throwing away stuff. Please please please use your power to show us something really new and interesting.


Just one word can go with your work.
Just wow.

evangeline lane

Where is the coffee table from!?

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