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The Link Up: $30 Boots Emily is VERY Into, Mallory’s “Spectacular” Budget Leggings & the Grain-Free Chips We Can’t Stop Eating

image via Architectural Digest | design by Pamela Shamshiri

Happy Sunday funday, folks. This week you were invited to the coolest party in town (a.k.a. Velinda’s MOTO), we went thrifting with Emily, and furthered her fashion story with “Uptown Prairie.” Meanwhile, our production and editorial calendars are already into December, meaning we have officially started shooting holiday content ::gulp::. But no need to fret because you won’t be seeing wreaths or stocking stuffer recommendations just yet. We are still very much into summer as our links most certainly suggest, so let’s get to it:

We’re in the process of working up a “fall accessories trend” piece for later on in the month (stay tuned), and Emily stumbled upon these under-$30 boots she’s very much into and wanted to share ASAP because the sizes are almost all sold out. These are similar, though a little chunkier—more “combat” than “prairie.”

There was a collective “WHOA” in the office when we all hovered over one person’s desktop to look at this home tour—the “country” home of Anne Hathway and her jewelry designer husband Adam Shulman.

The big 1-0 wedding anniversary trip is coming up for Bowser, where she will be bicycling through the Swiss and French Alps. Knowing she has to be active and très chic, she went on the hunt for the perfect fanny pack. She settled on this “belt” bag (way chic-er sounding than fanny pack) in black by Madewell (available at Nordstrom). 

If you haven’t already indulged in the best show on Netflix then may Jess present Blown Away. It’s a competition show about glass blowing and while it sounds like a “pass,” it is NOT. Jess is praying Deborah gets her own show. Watch and you’ll agree. Maybe we’ll start a campaign. 

Ryann loved this short article on how 25 very famous and successful women get their best ideas. “Anytime I can absorb wisdom from J.K Rowling, Toni Morrison, and Kristen Wiig to name a few, I’m in.” Plus, she always finds it inspiring to read/hear about creative people’s creative process.

The entire office loves to steal these amazing Siete tortilla chips from Chandler. They’re grain-free, come in multiple flavors and pair very well with salsa and guacamole. The brand also has grain-free tortillas, cashew queso and more if you’re into that, and we promise they taste so, SO good!

Arlyn is all about the “feel good” Instagram accounts because the world needs more visible goodness, so one of her favorites to follow is Tanks Good News. It’s just what it sounds like: news, but good.

New to the gym life, Mallory has been purchasing workout clothes like a madwoman. Quality is the name, cheap is the game, and she recently found these leggings from Nordstrom rack (for only $28) and they are spectacular for the price. She pairs them with this shirt (which she bought in two colors) and it’s only $19.

Veronica has wanted Nike slides forever, and finally took the plunge and bought these a few weeks ago. “They are so comfortable and perfect for the beach, around the house, running quick errands, communal showers, or just everyday use. And, they’re on sale right now.”

Carolina is a matcha devotee. One of her favorite places to visit is Matcha Bar in LA, and she just discovered their Matcha Green Tea Powder Tin! Not only is it so easy to make but saves her SOOO MUCH $$. She also recommends getting this handheld whisk.

Sara recently bought these shorts and they are here new favorite. They’re just long enough that they stop her thighs from chaffing, but not so long that they look like Bermuda shorts. They also have some stretch to them. And the light gray color feels very modern.

There you have it, a very short and sweet link up. Will you be joining us tomorrow? Great. It’s a date. xx

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2 years ago

that really is a ridiculously beautiful house! I’d live there <3 (and if Anne Hathaway wanted to stay around and we could hang out that would be okay too I guess 😉 I'd want that bedroom though…) happy weekend folks!

2 years ago

I love that pot/utensil rack over the range. Trying to find something to go in the space over mine to avoid a cheesy mosaic backsplash square (or whatever those thing are called – I totally get why people do them now though… it seems so boring without something there.)

2 years ago

Those chips can be found at a better price on if you add any of their coupons easily found from a quick Google search.

2 years ago

check out this belt bag from R. Riveter! They are handmade by military spouses; providing them flexible, mobile income! (also available on Amazon)

2 years ago

I am into the matcha!! I just recently upgraded from the whisk Carolina likes to an electric frother!! Best device ever. I bought the one I did because the inside is stainless steel instead of having a non stick coating. You can make any kind of latte or golden milk. You can froth any kind of plant based or regular milk in it. Highly recommend!!

[…] post The Link Up: $30 Boots Emily is VERY Into, Mallory’s “Spectacular” Budget Leggings & the … appeared first on Emily […]

2 years ago

Wow this is unbelievably beautiful. Best thing i liked is it saves a lot of space.
Currently i am using United Canada Inc. furniture in my house.

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