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The Link Up: Summer Hair Accessories, Heavenly House Tours & Binge-Worthy Shows to Add to Your Queue

image via domino | design by anne sage and caroline lee

We know that it sounds like every week is a big week but this week it REALLY was but for a really exciting reason. We welcomed a brand new team member. Please say hello to Caitlin. You will eventually get to know her better but for now, we can tell you she is in charge of our brand partnerships which is a pretty huge job. This is because not only do we love our current partners but we also want to continue to find/work with new awesome companies to introduce to you all. She’s awesome and so far has seamlessly fit into our nutty bunch. PLUS, we have a whole new person to give awesome recommendations for our Link Ups. It’s basically good news for everyone. 🙂 Let’s now get into those shall we?

Emily bought this suuuper cute top knot headband (dark orange strip) and has been wearing it pretty much nonstop. It’s the perfect easy accessory to instantly step up your style with minimum effort. Pretty much all Emily (and everyone) wants in her life. 

Ryann has two great loves in her life: her partner Rocky and her pup Gus and the latter got an upgraded sleeping situation recently. Gus is the new proud owner of this memory foam dog bed for her pup and he LOVES it. It is very comfortable and large so he has room to spread out (he is a full grown boxer/American bulldog mix). 

Jess needed a travel purse with a zipper and fell hard for this circle bag from Baggu. She loved the shape, size and how perfectly it fit on the front of her body to keep safe from pickpockets in her travels abroad. Plus, the quiet plaid pattern was the perfect way to up the playfulness of all of her outfits. 

Veronica had a very cute house tour recommendation for you all. This couple lived in their home for months as it was being renovated, which is no fun for anyone surely but the result was so beautiful and the dreamiest Boho family home.

We don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that the heavenly room pictured above and designed by Anne Sage and Carlone Lee is a DIY masterpiece. It only took 75 PVC pipes to make that stunning and hugely impactful wall treatment. So inspiring and fun fact! This house was originally Sarah Sherman Samuels’ Palm Springs A-frame home. It was obviously sold into very good hands.

Sara really connected to this article. This is a powerful woman in a high stress, high-level position, and the way she looks at certain aspects of her job is very intriguing. Her views on management, creating engaging content, and her view on stress are all pretty impactful points of view for Sara right now. She’s not sure she could ever manage without her to-do list, though. 🙂

Another Netflix show was binge watched by one of the EHD team, this time it was Julie. She suggests having some tissues close by because When They See Us will make you cry at least a couple of times every episode.

A little known fact about Bowser is that she was a Bar Method instructor for four years. As work with EHD amped up, she had to step down from working there, that, along with moving a little further away, has made it hard for her to get there for the workouts. Sometimes it takes not doing something to realize how much you NEED to do it. Recently, while prepping the House Beautiful shoot at the mountain house, she pulled her lower back LITERALLY WALKING. Core strength obviously not at its peak performance. She’s back on the wagon, officially. If you want to join her, she’ll be at the Bar Method in Silver Lake whenever she’s not working. 🙂 She also wanted you to know that they are offering $20 off club bar so the first month is $79 and $159 afterward. The sale ends July 9th at midnight.

Grace says this is something one of her friends would totally pull at a museum (and maybe you could too? She’s not sure if this is legal)—because really, who decides / what makes modern art, art?

Okay, so remember that swimsuit roundup we did last month? A few of you were hoping we’d purchase some of our picks and report back, and that is exactly what Arlyn is doing today. She scooped up this suit and can’t stop gushing about it. Reminder about her swimsuit pain points: Arlyn has really large, heavy breasts that need a TON of real support (i.e. bra-sized underwire, no molded cups, adjustable straps, strong back strap) and this suit DELIVERS. The ruching on the side hides a multitude of breakfast burrito sins, the front panel is double layered (she thinks) so it’s flattening and flattering and her bulky upper ladies are held up without trouble. A+ review (plus it’s under $100). Available in 30K through 44K.

Caitlin says that she is on a real ’90s kick right now and has totally fallen in love with these giant organza cloud scrunchies from Room Shop Vintage. They’re sustainable (made out of recycled or discontinued fabric!) and come in a ton of different colors—they also look pretty cool when worn on your wrist. 🙂

Hope you had a great 4th, are having a great Sunday and we will see all you beautiful people tomorrow FOR OUR VERY EXCITING MOUNTAIN HOUSE VACATION GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT (so be sure to check back in the morning). xx

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3 years ago

So glad that Arlyn found a great bathing suit! (But also breakfast burritos are not sinful! It makes me sad when food gets burdened with moral value in this way.)

3 years ago
Reply to  L

I agree. Having a body that takes up space is not a sin. Please stop perpetuating the idea that eating for pleasure is inherently wrong if your body does not conform to a certain standard of beauty. I’m sure it was not meant that way, but these ideas are so ingrained in our culture that we have to be really intentional about avoiding them.

3 years ago
Reply to  L

Okay, yes, you’re right and ugh, it’s such an issue so ingrained into us. (But also…breakfast burritos are a sin…to my heartburn, ha).

3 years ago
Reply to  L

Thank you for this comment! The mention of “breakfast burrito sins” stopped me in my tracks – breakfast burritos are delicious and should have no correlation with bathing suit wearing!

3 years ago

Wow, some great links this week. Welcome, Caitlin!

3 years ago
Reply to  Christa

Thanks Christa! I’m so excited to be here 🙂

Mariya Zafirova
3 years ago

The black swimsuit is gorgeous!

Mariya |

3 years ago

GAH!!! The home featured on Dwell is my dream!I am familiar with the Chris and Claude Co. in Lancaster (my nephew went to Franklin Marshall, we are in Pittsburgh) and I. want. that. house!!! Apologies for all the exclamation points; thanks for featuring them! They are an awesome talent!

3 years ago

it’s an remarkable piece of writing for all the house tour lovers -

3 years ago

If Sara had an executive assistant like the woman in the article from The Cut, then she too could ditch her to-do list.

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