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We All Needed Lightweight, Comfy Summer Pants And Found 10 That We Love

Usually around this time of year, I am anxiously searching for THE denim shorts that will change the course of my life. For whatever reason, shorts shopping feels like a competitive sport where I get to lose hundreds of dollars and end up disappointed. But not this year. This year, I am embracing–nay CHAMPIONING–summer pants. Here’s my pitch: as long as they are breathable and lightweight, they are just as comfortable as shorts, there are more styles to play around with, and they transition from day to night effortlessly. As an added bonus, pants offer more coverage and can protect from outdoor elements (bugs, UV rays, wandering eyes, etc etc). So while I am not throwing out all my dresses and shorts this summer, I am excited to rock pants unapologetically, like a 19th-century woman wearing them for the first time. Are you with me?? If so, here are some great picks that we want to add to cart and a few that we already have and love:

1. Pull On Full Length Linen Pant

Something about this shade of blue makes me swoon and I love the relaxed shape (I hate to admit it but I might be leaning into low/mid-rise pants…).

2. The Colette Cropped Wide-Leg Linen Pants

I am so thrilled that Anthropologie brought these pants back! I have them in a checkered green pattern and they are possibly the most comfortable pants I have ever put on. They come in 17 other patterns and colors too!

3. Crinkled Crepe Straight-Leg Crop Pants

From Caitlin: Hi, it’s me, ready to make you feel like you’re living inside a Nancy Meyers movie!!! I LOVE a flowy linen pant for summer and these are such a dream – they’re lightweight and breezy (a treat for when you want to feel cool but you don’t necessarily want your gams hanging out), the cut is great (straight down, even if you have bigger hips like me!), the price point rocks ($68 for pants that you’ll turn to all summer?), and you’ll waltz around feeling like Diane Keaton in the Hamptons. If you’re looking to try out this style without breaking the bank, highly recommend these (and the Farm Rio options below too, TBH – #4 and #7 look SO GOOD on Jess!!!).

4. Deep Blue High Waisted Pants

From Jess: I have these pants in a rust/brown and am pretty devastated every time I need to wash them because that means I have to take them off:) They are cool, so comfortable, and I am very very tempted to get them in this blue. Also, the quality is so good.

5. Kinsale Italian Performance Linen Trouser

Emily recently introduced all of us to this brand and it’s hard not to love. The price point is definitely on the higher side but according to Em, the quality can’t be beat. How timeless do these look?? And that raw hem gives them the perfect amount of “edge”. You’d be the coolest Nancy Meyers character on the beach:)

6. Women’s High-Rise Wide Leg Linen Pull On Pants

These are super affordable ($25!), comfortable, and come in a bunch of colors!

7. Lime Green Pants

From Jess: Since I was hooked on my first pair of Farm Rio pants, I decided to try another style. Guess what?! I love them too. They aren’t as high-waisted if that’s what you want but they also don’t sit quite as low on me as on the model in the photo. I have them in black but look at that lime color! It’s so good!! I think I’m a Farm Rio pant gal for life.

8. Traveler Pants

via anthropolgie

Oh, I really like these. They are made from stretch cotton and have an elastic waistband, but they look like flared jeans. LOVE.

9. Ingrid Fringe Trim Pant

via j. crew

You can pair these adorable fringe pants with a slim, cropped tank and a kitten heel for a super cute summer date night outfit. Also, what a perfect vacation pant.

10. High-Waisted Linen-Blend Wide-Leg Pants

These are affordable, linen, high-waisted, and easy to pull on. What more could you ask for? Oh, and to top it off over 2,500 people have rated these pants FIVE STARS!

That’s all from me, your resident pants-in-the-summer advocate. Let me know your thoughts and drop your favorite comfortable pants down below. xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: My First Foray Into Renting Clothes With Rent The Runway

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1 year ago

Yes! I love this post! A few years ago I bought three pairs of Point Sur J. Crew wide leg cropped pants I wear the heck out of in the summer but was looking for something even lighter and more flowy. I grabbed a pair of the Old Navy pants for $10 over Memorial Day feeling like they sort of looked like pajamas but for $10 I might as well try them. They are fantastic!!! I’m buying 2 more pairs. I’m 5’11” and the regular length is fine for me- slightly cropped and very breezy. I like how the drawstring tie is on the inside so they look a bit more polished despite the elastic waist. It’s been in the low 90s and very humid the past couple of days and these felt cool and breezy. Buy them!!!

1 year ago

I adore the Allison pant from Marine layer (and if you haven’t tried their tshirt recycling program – $5 credit per shirt -, you are missing out!). The pants are light and breathable and go well for work, lounging, or a night out with a nice blouse. Fyi, I wear one size larger in the pants than I do in their dresses.

1 year ago
Reply to  Emily

Oh yes! The Allison pant is a dream!!!! I find them TTS, but could picture getting them a bit roomier for an extra comfy summertime situation. They’re fantastic. 10/10

1 year ago

I am wearing the Old Navy rust coloured pants as we speak! I bought them last year and wish I had bought two pairs because I wear them so often that these are probably not going to get me to a third season as the fabric is thinning considerably. Beware, the white is totally see-through! But the chambray is so nice!

1 year ago

Love love love. Just bought some great used ones! And so necessary; I foolishly wore skinny jeans on a humid day bleeeeeh Anyways I’m commenting for applause for this line, “like a 19th-century woman wearing them for the first time. Are you with me??” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂 I want to bring this energy to my pants wearing hahah thank you

1 year ago

I never go to JCPenney, but i was doing someone a favor…anyway, in the St.John’s Bay line, I found a very similar cut and color to the Kinsale pants. They’re 98% really soft cotton, 2% elastane. About $20! Love. Not fringed, though pretty easy to do: cut the hem & put in the wash; the agitation will fringe them for you!

1 year ago

Jess- I was influenced by your previous post to check out the Farm Rio pants in rust and I was so obsessed with them that I got the blue when they came out as well! I usually wouldn’t spend this much on pants but they are so unique and easy to dress up or down. I get compliments anytime I wear them and the blue especially makes me so happy, it’s just such a fun color. Regarding size for anyone curious, I did have trouble with their sizing as I was right in between the S and M. I’m usually a 6 or 8 depending on the brand. Stuck with M and had them taken in a little.

1 year ago

I’m struggling with the denim shorts v pants debate. I love bare legs in summertime, but when I need to look professional I can’t quite feel it in shorts. I just ordered a pair from, a source I keep expecting to pop up here. The price and reputation for quality lured me in, even if some of their items lack the cool style factor of Everlane or Frank and Eileen (whose denim is divine and does run sales but still $$). Had to add a plug here for Atheleta. Size inclusive, stylish, large inventory and frequent sales. Their city pants are great. I, eyeing the wide leg Brooklyn pant as a summer to fall transition pant.

1 year ago
Reply to  Michelle

we love quince, too!! one of our favorites 🙂

1 year ago

I have the same feeling about shorts. I am not buying any this year and instead focusing on summer pants and skirts too. PACT has some great double gauze pants, both cropped and full-length. I have both and think the full-length is a bit more flattering. Very comfy and cool.

1 year ago

For anyone who wants 100% linen pants two great companies are LinenFox and Not Perfect Linen, both available on Etsy and they make them custom ordered so you can ask for specific alterations if needed. I was surprised at how affordable both companies are – like below $150 for custom linen garments.
Another great brand is Elizabeth Suzanne and all their wonderful pants and dresses in natural fabrics (which are more breathable than synthetics).

1 year ago

Just here to say that I own the Colette pants from Anthro in two colors, and am obsessed with them. My dream pant makes me feel pulled together + cute, works across seasons (across LA seasons, which is certainly different than Boston seasons, for example) — AND I want to be able to *move* in them. Getting cute + being able to move is tough! The Colette pant checks all the boxes — I can squat easily, roll around on the floor with my toddlers, be super comfy, and feel pulled together.

I was literally considering buying a denim version, but saw this post! Maybe I’ll try another option before buying my third pair 🙂

Thanks for the great post!

1 year ago

My absolutely favorite linen pants are from Elizabeth Suzann. She can’t be beat when it comes to truly high-waisted, flattering elastic-waist linen pants. The Andy Trouser is my all-time favorite but the Florence is beloved by her customer base (it just doesn’t have quite as high a rise, and as a long torsoed lady, it’s all about the high rise for me). Another great slow-fashion brand to check out is First Rite Clothing.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hannah

The clyde is my fave!

1 year ago

I really like Madewell’s linen Harlow pant. Wide-legged and a thicker linen so it doesn’t wrinkle quite so much. Perfectly appropriate for work or hanging out.

1 year ago

I have an older version of the Old Navy pants (they have a drawstring) and I love them! So so comfy, you can dress them up or down, and cheap! I’ve had them for 3 years and they’ve held up well.

1 year ago

I got really into linen summer pants last year, when I couldn’t expose my legs to sun bc i was doing laser hair removal treatments. now I’m convinced they are the key to a breezy and chic summer!! I bought two pairs of these recently and I love them. they have that tailored look while still being elastic waist: