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Life/photoshoot updates


Before I left for vacation things were pretty insane around here with back to back design and video shoots (and some makeovers) that were keeping us on a constant adrenaline rush and have continued since we got back. But man, every single one of them has been so fun and will produce SUCH good content for the blog. It’s making this pregnancy go by so much faster.

I figured I’d do a little behind the scenes sneak peek into what is going to happen soon over here (and on youtube and national TV) over the next couple of months.

We did another round of Target Styling Videos for their Fall product line, which is my favorite line so far, actually. There are a lot of rustic, plaid, Pendleton-style pieces and a lot of mid-century inspired brass and marble pieces. I just saw the rough cuts of the video this morning and I love them.

plaid wallpaper

We faux wallpapered a plaid wall for one of them, although the location that we shot at was so beautiful that we didn’t need to do anything to it. You’ll see…

putting together table

Good Housekeeping wanted to feature the house, specifically with a ‘fall refresh’ angle to it, so it was the perfect excuse to, well, TOTALLY REDESIGN the house. I finally finished a of couple projects that were driving me crazy that I can’t wait to show you. Meanwhile this little dude was very “helpful” the weekend before with all of our house projects.


That rug is a huge crowd-pleaser (it’s incredibly soft) and has changed the whole family room and made that big comfy (and bulky) sofa actually WORK. Stay tuned for photos.

Then I had my first big national commercial with Target where many people, like hundreds, were involved to make the set, my hair, my belly and lots of pretty product look good.



It was definitely more makeup than I was used to but those lights were so bright that you kinda need a lot to not look like a featureless ghost. The woman who did my hair (Danielle) does Lady Gaga’s, Madonna’s, pretty much everyone’s hair. She put extensions in so that it looked fuller and a bit longer. I had extensions briefly a couple of years ago (for a couple months) and you do feel kinda like a super model with them in, but one that can’t sleep because they itch so bad and are just not comfortable enough to deal with. Also please note my manicure. It was my first (and possibly last) foray into nail art. Not because I don’t think its cool on others but mainly because it just feels silly on me. I also (as you know) don’t have beautiful hands so drawing more attention to those meat puppets seems like a weird idea. But for the video the manicure looked awesome. That dress is from here (it’s on sale) and I LOVE it both for maternity and non-maternity.

I can’t show you too much because it’s their big fall campaign, but to give you an idea of the scale/size of a big ad campaign check this out. And this is only one of the studios they shot in.


That same week our house looked like this, trying to get ready for the Good Housekeeping shoot:


Most of what you see there is the fall product so start saving …

pile of pillows

We like pillow options.

Then after we got back from Spain we jumped right into a weekend makeover with the lovely fashion blogger Nicolette Mason which we are finishing shooting today. Sorry, it’s in black and white so we don’t give too much away …

nicolette-behind-the-scenes (1)

But it kills me to end the post with that, so here is this:

IMG_9921 IMG_0006IMG_0158

That’s what we’ve been up to. Busy, but every single project or shoot has been so fun. I hope you have such a fun weekend. May it be full of sleeping in, relaxing and marathoning some sort of addictive TV show. (We are watching The Affair which is pretty upsetting although very good – so I’m not sure if its an endorsement or not…)

Fin Mark


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Um, can you share the shoes you are wearing in the last photo? I’m sure Target won’t mind…



Seconded! I need those gorgeous monstrosities in my life 😛

Sarah V

I always love these glimpses into your workdays, Emily. What a cool career you’ve made for yourself!
P.S. Great pug!


Holy crap! I’m gonna need that pouf and some of those pillows. Luckily I’m redoing my bedroom next month so this is perfect timing.

Also that candelabra! I bought a similar one (it’s cast iron) in Amsterdam last year that I LOVE.

I can NOT wait to see what y’all did with Nicolette’s space! Also, can’t wait to see how your new living refresh turns out.

Josh | The Kentucky Gent


Haven’t even read it yet, but wgat about that orange/red top in the first image?!?


Yes! Where is that from?? So chic.


Hi! The rug link doesn’t seem to be working. And I so want to know!!…

Same here! Please update the link, pretty please!


Starting a brass and wood lamp fund as we speak… and of course, pillows will be bought along with it.

I sit in an office all day writing about recycling and green living in the same 4 shades of green. #jealous

my mind SwiRls over your schedule!!! but i guess somebodies got to do it 🙂
and excuse me, but your shoes in the lights shot. major!

Is that rug from Target, or can you share the source? We’ve been dying for a new one and this would be a great contender!

Nevermind! just saw that its linked. Thanks!


OMIGOSH…that Serge Mouille ceiling light fixture in Nicolette’s living room is killing me!

So good!


Yes, like Johanna said, those shoes!! Please share! <3


I’d love to know about the shoes too. Love them!


So much fun stuff—loving the look of the Target stuff! And how exciting that you’ll be in a national commercial!


So much to look forward to….thanks for the peeks. Charlie gets cuter and cuter, can’t wait to see him with a little sister.
Checked out your pug client and she has quite a life and wardrobe.

Ditto on the shoes! Is it bad that they are the first thing I noticed? xo Anna

Katherine Pinkerton

Always enjoy your designs and that you are always rearranging, making the look even more fresh…your designs are very fresh and eclectic which charms me. That pink antique Persian carpet caught my eye…beautiful. your little boy is darling.

That little sneak peek of Target product has me so excited! I’m FINALLY decorating my living room this fall, and those pieces look like they’ll fit the style I’m going for very well.

PS. Love seeing these little life update posts. It’s so fun to see behind the scenes – keep ’em coming!


The lead photo on this post is such a cute belly shot. You’re an adorable mama, Emily (& talented, obviously)!


where are the items in the 3rd to last pic from? The black and brass candle holders, striped throw, etc.


random question – Just watching lastest episodes of Flipping Out, with Jeff Lewis. The front exterior of his current Hollywood home looks familiar – was it used as the shot for your ‘design studio’ in Secrets of a Stylist? (I so miss that show!)


I have been eyeing the rug you put in your family room. How is the shed factor on it?


also going to need to know where that sweater vest is from in the last photo… you look great!


Oh Emily, seriously. I saw the Target picture and thought “How lovely. Oooh! Nails. Pretty…” and then read meat puppets. And died laughing. You’re too much. Love the bottom pics with pink, blush, black, white. You’re doing some hard work. Take care of yourself and your meat puppets.


Whhaaaa!! There were like ten teases in this post. I’m dying.

“meat puppets!” Ha. Ha.


Seriously when I was looking at your blog years ago my boyfriend was like, wait, that’s the blogger, not a model? But wha?! Aren’t you like nine trillion months pregnant?! you look seriously luminous in those pictures and seem to have zero of the face bloat that normally comes at the end of pregnancy?!! Like seriously. You’re perfect.


Hello! Can you tell me about your shoes?



Are you able to share where the wooden gold bar cart and those leather chairs come from in your living room shot? Remodeling right now and those are a must for my new room! Also when does the issue come out! Hope to see you at the Vintage Bazaar in September-friend of Devon!
Stephanie from Beverly MA


Hey- can you let me know where the first reddish too is from?


You had me at meat puppets! That was hilarious!
You look gorgeous, by the way;)


Two things: you are beautiful with or without being professionally done-up, and what are you doing with your fabulous blue Craigslist rug? I fantasize about that rug!!


don’t let danielle ever touch your hair again. i never make these kinds of comments but the change in aura achieved by this person and her greasy extensions is so not you. please.


“Meat puppets” literally made me LOL. You are the funniest. Xo

I love that blue pillow with gold dots… it’s a pity they don’t ship to Europe. 🙁 There are several things I would order!!! Or please convince them to open stores here as well—> TARGET GERMANY!

Werk it, Emily! Congrats – it looks like you are having so much fun 🙂


Totally with you on The Affair…super stressful to watch but it was so good (just perhaps not the best choice of marathon material for a cosy remember how great it is to be married weekend without the kids!)

Julie Spear

You have GOT to marathon watch Mr. Robot on USA… Gritty and a bit dark, but very addictive!! Gimme gimme some of that Target fall awesomeness. Did u already say when it will be in stores? Bcuz I NEED that tan black and white geometric pillow and that black and brass lamp. please and thank you!! Hey I’ve been saving some plaid fabric too!! I can finally be on TOP of a trend. )instead of behind it, LOL!!) thanks for sharing

Um, don’t you need a heckuva lot of energy to do all that? And did you forget you were pregnant? You are amazing and look fantastic!

Oooooh, can’t wait! You look beautiful always, Emily!


Aaahh I found The Affair too upsetting and quit after 2 or 3. If you power through and feel glad you did, I would be happy to know that. Thanks for sharing all this behind-the-scenes!


I’m hyperventilating right now because we are in escrow for a cabin and rustic/plaid/Pendleton with a dash of mid-century is exactly the look I am going for. Ahhhh!!!!

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