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Latest obsessions, books and wallpaper

Alright folks.  Time for some ‘From me to You’ Emily Von Henderson recommendations:

Here’s a bunch of what i’ve bought and why books:

First off, i know a lot of the folks in here (or know of) cause they all be stylist, but its just great read with pretty pictures and lots of fininshing touches.  Plus even that cover would have done it for me.  When i saw Lilli’s house in Domino a few years back it stood out as the style that was closest to mine that i had seen.  Crazy english florals, mixed with worn leathers, vintage portraits, all loose and effortless.  Buy the book here. 

And this guy: ‘Undecorate: A no rules approach to decorating’. 

Whenever you say ‘no rules’ i’m in.  Ask my parents.  Wait, don’t. 

This book is awesome, though.  Done by Christiane from Dwell, whose stuff i can’t get enough of.  Buy it here

And then this guy:

Another good one full of amazing photos by one of my favorite photographers, Debi Treloar, and written by Holly Becker of Decor8.  It’s awesome. Buy it here. 

I spent a disturbing amount of money buying style/shelter books the other day, I’m desperate to get hooked up with one of those ‘we send you books for free’ programs.  It’s like I need every single decorating book that has ever existed.  I read them in bed like novels, giant, heavy picture filled novels.  

And my latest wallpaper obsessions:


They can do any color, too.  You just give them a pantone chip or Benjamin Moore color and they match it.  It’s pretty awesome.  You’ll see them in upcoming episodes as well as my studio (the chain motif, which i love)

Lastly Pottok Prints.  When i first saw their ‘All of Us’ pattern (the one with all the black and white drawn people) i died.  Literally.  

It’s super incredible.  Check out there stuff here.

That’s it for now. Trust me when i say that i stand behind these folks’ products 1000%

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