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Lately obsessed with navy/white polka dots


Why can’t we spell ‘polka dot’, ‘poka dot’.  It makes so much more sense.  Everytime i spell it it correctly i end up pronouncing the ‘L’, sounding new to the english language, in a bad way.  

Anyway, i want all of these:

Lands’ End Canvas silk polka dot shirt, click Here. 

Does anyone know where i can buy this navy trench?

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Adorable navy poika dot umbrella (although at $149 a pop its a totally stupid purchase for this chick, i will lose it just taking it to my car).  But if you want to, purchase here. 


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This amazing vintage dress from Etsy, $300 click HERE.

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just bored. eating leftovers. watching way too much tv.  finished The Hunger Games.  loving life in general.




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