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Lately in the press …

My family always complains that they find things out last – that a friend from church will tell them how they saw me on a morning show and then they feel stupid because they didn’t know about it. And I get it, that sucks and can make you feel like you weren’t important enough to tell. But it just feels like bragging most of the time and when you are busy you kinda forget they even happened. It’s often way easier to talk about whats not going on and how things are not going then it is all the good stuff. So since you are my interweb family I figured I’d share some press updates with ya.

First up, thanks to you guys, I won The Homies for Best Home Design and Inspiration Blog. Its pretty much the Academy Awards for us bloggers or more like the SAG awards. It’s the best we got. So thanks to everyone who voted, I’m pretty psyched and totally grateful.


Apartment Therapy Homie Awards

Then The Fig House had a little feature in Angeleno Magazine (which is a LA centric socialite magazine). We just got back all the photos of Fig House from the photographer (different from below), so I’ll be doing all the posts for them. But for now, here are some more sneak peeks.

fig house angeleno magazine

Then I did an interview over on Design Mom on my pregnancy, birth and first few months at being a mom. You guys know pretty much how I’ve felt about everything but there were a few things that I talked about over there that I haven’t here (namely, some stuff about Brian). Check it out here. 

emily henderson designmom

Now off to bed. I’m so exhausted I could (and have) fall asleep typing. Happy monday, friends.


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