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Last day of vacation….

It’s very sad, i know.  But all vacations have to end at some point.  Meanwhile we are staying at an awesome hotel in Tribeca called The Smyth, Tribeca that is proving to be extremely hip and comfortable.  I travel a ton and stay at a lot of hotels and the Thompson hotels are ALWAYS the best because they are designed so well, are super stylish and always feel so clean.  

Previously i haven’t wanted to do commercial or hospitality design but lately it does seem like you can take a lot of interesting risks because they are such temporary spaces.  

This is the lobby and its kinda crazy, but really interesting.  

The rooms are very clean and minimal but stylish.  It’s so funny what you want out of a hotel that you don’t want out of your own home. 

i’m heading back to LA tonight and back to work tomorrow. 

But must cuddle now.  

And in an hour we’ll be here,  at the restaurant inside the Smyth, Tribeca hotel:

….drinking bloody marys and then seeing a movie. Brian will want something action, i’ll want something with love….its a very annoying game that we play that i tend to lose because he has better taste than me.  I’m hoping he’ll go for Magic Mike….

But i’m taking recommendations.  



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