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by Emily Henderson

I’m back from my secret trip to London, which was nothing but awesome (sans the rain and snow). Scotland Yard called me last week and flew me out for a secret styling emergency mission. It was me, Sherlock, Pippa, and Victoria Beckham — the whole gang.

emily henderson london

Either that or I went on a surprise girls trip with my best friends from Oregon (above … sadly I’m not pictured, but they are and VERY cute). There was a lot of talking, gabbing, supporting, catching up, advice giving, laughing, and loving. My phone didn’t work (strangely), which was probably good at times, but means that I’ll be Instagramming all my photos this week, so don’t forget to follow me there. (Username em_henderson).

Meanwhile, remember that Etsy Pop Up shop I did with West Elm? Well they made a little video about it and It is real cute.

I purchased one piece from each vendor and I love them all. Check out this post to see all the Etsy goods that were sold — which you can still buy.

Lastly, today is the last day to enter OR JUST VOTE on the Nightstand Styling Contest with Serena and Lily. One reader went on a nightstand contest campaign and got all of their nightstands friends to for it. It’s winning by a lot, but you might be surprised what it looks like, so if you want to see for yourself (how much of an inner voyeur are you?) or vote on your favorite, click HERE.

I still haven’t decided my favorite one, so you can still win even if you only have one vote (remember, two winners — one with most votes and one that I like the most). So you have until tonight to upload. Oh and if you don’t see it immediately it’s because we have to manually approve the submission on our end, which is annoying, so I’m sorry.

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