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L.A. Times Review, also how does radio shack stay in business?

Well folks, Its offical.  Secrets from a Stylist is ‘underrated’. Before you start thinking that is a bad thing its from the LA times article ‘Underrated/overrated’ and basically it broke down 5 pop culture things that you either need to start watching or you are over watching.  We got ‘Under-rated, which is awesome:

That screen grabbed turned out small, so here’s the content:

Underrated / Overrated

Secrets From a Stylist’ on HGTV: If the many cooking shows on TV constitute food porn, think of this as home decorating porn. Starring the preternaturally perky Emily Henderson, this show reliably offers budget-minded inspiration for elevating a room beyond blank white walls and whatever Swedish-designed furnishings were on sale. Plus, with the show based in L.A., it offers an intoxicating hope that TV people could come over to do these things for us.

‘HOME DECORATING PORN’.   ‘Sup. Finally i have a reason to go into all of those 24 hour video stores,  i had no idea that there was a ‘home decorating porn’ section.  How very exciting.  I’m curious who else is in there… And i suppose that means that if i star in one, then that might make me a….. big fan of home decorating.  (yes, my mother reads and i’m pretty sure its never funny to a mother to joke about being a pornstar)

Also ‘Preternaturally perky’ means ‘extra naturally perky’ by the way.  Thank you very much, wikepedia.  And while i cringe at the word ‘perky’, its slightly hard to deny considering that the definition of perky is: ‘Having a buoyant or self-confident air; briskly cheerful’ which does kinda sounds like me, except i’m also intensely self-depricating, annoyingly scattered and plagued with a snaggle tooth that makes everyone tell me i look like Kirstin Dunst or Jewel.   But i’ll cut you if you call me bubbly. i can handle one, but not both.  And now that ‘perky’ is out there, ‘bubbly’ is forever forbidden. 

Anyhoo while i would prefer to be ‘properly rated – you know, high ratings due to great content, etc’, its a good sign that a major newspaper is deeming it ‘under-rated’ as opposed to ‘overrated’.  But at the same time you want to be the ‘Seinfeld’ or ‘One tree Hill’ of decorating shows, not the Arrested Development’ or ‘Veronica Mars’.   Underrated doesn’t always mean you’ll last.  So keep spreading the word, my dear lovers.  

Wait, I mean, can we talk about this….how the eff does ‘One tree hill’ stay on the air? I’m a sucker for anything with pretty teenager being sad and kissing, but i don’t get it. It’s like Radio Shack.  I mean,  WHO SHOPS THERE!!!!????  Every time I see one, i get angry and i want to go in and say ‘hi, how are you.  Can i ask how much exactly are you guys grossing every month, no seriously, how much? $40-$50? What is your profit margin, how do you pay your employees and most importantly Why would i shop here? Why would i not go to Best Buy or Fry’s or go online for my electronics instead of a store that has no more than 60 products and is 20% more expensive?  Is anyone with me on this one? 

(in truth, i’ve only watched like 3 episodes of One Tree Hill, so its not totally fair for me to  bash it, just compared to all the good ones that have been cancelled i get a little upset.)

So that’s my saturday for you.  

Always yours,

The preternaturally perky home design pornstar, Emily Von Henderson. (i’ve added the ‘Von’ to get better tables at restaurants and its totally working.)


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