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Knock off.

Dear vintage furniture,

I shop for you a lot and you are all i really want to ever buy. Sometimes you are across the country, so far away and it pains me that i can’t have you.  Too much luck is involved and i’m getting sick of it.  

So I’ve started compiling pictures of pieces that i think i want to reproduce for the masses.  Pieces that just aren’t out there.  Slightly over the top.  Not so danish mid-century.  More crazy midentury.  

My favorite thing to do in the world is finding sofas like this:

And then turning it into this:  

$100 from the flea market.  Nobody even looked at it.  The guy was practically giving it away.


It’s an extremely rewarding hobby. 

These guys are pieces i want to reinvent (yes, ill put my spin on it, but not directly rip anyone off, don’t worry). Some of the pics i took myself, some are from random craigslist throughout the country, but all are unique enough that i feel like there is a market for it.  

What a pretty back you have. And such pretty scallop woodwork for me to enjoy.  Even that velvet is dope, but it could use an update in the finish of the wood.  Not so mid-century.  But my goodness you could be part of my pretty collection.  I love me some art deco furniture, always have.  

I know.  Its sooooo amazing.  It looks comfortable and has a ‘i’m grand and i need a grand chair’ kind of vibe, BUT it is still feminine in shape, but masculine in finish (worn leather).  I will call you ‘hug me, i’m special’ chair.  No i won’t.

I am constantly, nay, obsessively collecting, nay, hoarding vintage fabrics for interesting reupholstering jobs.  I have crazy embroidered tapestries and quilts and anything that screams ‘i’m one of a kind and i’m going to turn a boring room into a crazy amazing room instantly’ is what i hoard.  When you want these kinds of fabrics, you can’t find them, so you really do have to hoard them.  

Shut your mouth.  

These chairs belong to me, figuratively.  Reproducing these is going to be expensive, but i’ll forge the brass myself, you can’t stop me.  

I know you are crazy, but so am I.  Gimme that fringe on the bottom of any sofa.  Here’s the thing; there are a TON of mid-century inspired new sofas that are all straight and modern and masculine, but there aren’t a ton of crazy lady vintage sofas out there.  And yes, i would do it in a more sophisticated fabric.  

These look cheap, but i love the shape of the metal.  If they had quality metal legs, great velvet or linen upholstery and pretty rosewood….oh man……

I know this seems like a whole different direction but i have a thing for folding leather/wood chairs.  Maybe even navy leather…..yes…..

I have a whole pinboard on pinterest of things i wish i had designed if you want to check it out HERE.  

And i’m selling two new items on opensky:

These awesome salt and pepper shakers (brushed gold, wood top, so modern yet with that vintage vibe)

And the baby shower gift of the year:

A flying piggy bank.  You are very very cute.  To purchase (for a discount) click here.


Which pieces would you be interested in buying? Any of these scream out to you?????


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