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Keeping it Fresh …

I’ll take ANY excuse to re-arrange and add new pieces for the sake of ‘content’. I can’t imagine the excuses that fashion bloggers have to buy new clothes and prance around in them all the time, strictly ‘for the people’. As Target’s Home Style expert I figured I’d take their new line of Room Essentials (the more scandy/urban/young line) and use it around my house, with the hopes of showing off how to style with them. Look closely. We are actually REDESIGNING it in a couple weeks for a big shoot and many, many, things will change 🙂


Some cute pillows for those of you who can handle bright colors and tribal motifs. I go in and out of this phase depending on what clients I am focusing on. For instance when I was working on I found myself buying a LOT of neon, velvet and hot pink. But when I did ‘The Spanish House‘ it was old world nude paintings and washed linen EVERYTHING.


Of course the phase I’m always into is that baby up there (and yes, those frames are sized for Instagram, all resources at the end). Please note the gold detail (the stem) on those lucite lamps – so good. Sofa | Pink Vase


Meanwhile I may have to quit my job to become a full time pouf expert. Or seller. I have so many, which I clearly don’t need, but I collect them like they are thimbles. I actually gave a ton of them to the shelter a couple weeks ago so technically I was in the market for a new one. And this one is furry and causes Charlie to do that adorable fake ‘oohhhh’ as he nuzzles into it.

Dresser; Vintage | Rug | Chair; Vintage | Lamp | Blue Vessel | White Vessels; Vintage | String Art



The wooden hand collection is not exactly diminishing (I have three more beyond this), and is only in competition with my gold lamp collection.

Lamp | Vase | Wooden Hand Sculptures; Vintage | The New Bohemians Book | Blue Abstract Painting; Vintage | Dresser; Vintage


Remember the time I bought these antique shoes from the 30’s, absolutely CONVINCED that I would wear them every day until I realized that it took 45 minutes to button each shoe? Now I couldn’t even pretend to wear them because I can’t even bend over that long. Maybe I should just hire a dressing assistant? Ooh, perhaps an intern? Serious applicants only, please.


Meanwhile in the guest room (that is soon to be another baby room – design plan coming in 2 weeks) we played around with a task lamp and a cute little pillow. If having gold instead of silver detailing on that lamp makes you happy then stay tuned for fall 🙂

Headboard | Geometric Vase | Nightstand; Vintage | Where’d You Go, BernadetteWhite Quilt

Here is a roundup of all the products we played around with, in addition to some others from the new Room Essential line that I love.


1. Embroidered Pillow | 2. Sapphire Accent Rug | 3. Citrus Sheet Set | 4. Solid Mug | 5. Triband Mug | 6. Color Block Pillow | 7. Cobalt Vase | 8. Table Lamp | 9. Graphic Pillow | 10. Medallion Pillow | 11. Instagram Photo Frame



1. Blue Dot Sheet Set | 2. Ebony Accent Rug | 3. Sandals | 4. Faux Fur Pouf | 5. Southwest Lumbar Pillow | 6. Triband Plate | 7. Vase | 8. Hourglass Table | 9. Instagram Photo Frame | 10. Task Lamp | 11. Striped Pillow 12. Graphic Pillow

*Photographs by Jess Isaac for EHD. 

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If you’re serious about needing a dress intern, I’m all ears! 😉

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

7 years ago

I’m dealing with a serious case of too-small rug syndrome in my apartment, and I wish that blue one came in bigger sizes! I love the design of many of the items that you and Nate berkus and some of the other target designers have done, but all the rugs are sizes that you’d normally tell us not to buy! What the heck!?

7 years ago
Reply to  Mags

Exactly! Bring on the bigger rugs please!

7 years ago
Reply to  Mags

I think they did a round up of large rugs a while ago, so those would be good sources. Overstock has a large selection, and you can search by size. Rugusa is also very good and they have frequent sales. If you love asian rugs, ebay can be a really good source. And I think the larger the cheaper, because not everyone can use a 10 x 14 rug.

But, OMG, I was watching Dear Genevieve yesterday and I was so pissed. She left these poor people with rugs way too small. Not cool HGTV, not cool.

7 years ago
Reply to  Sava

I get that they’re doing blog roundups of bigger rugs, but I wish Emily and others would practice what they preach in their own collections!

7 years ago
Reply to  Mags

Doris Leslie Blau is super knowledgeable and has a huge online array of rugs that come in any size, shape, color and patter.

7 years ago

I hope Target knows you are the best thing that ever happened to them!

7 years ago
Reply to  Leigh Feather


7 years ago
Reply to  Rachel

Well said!

7 years ago

Sadly that lamp does not seem to be available anymore. Sniff. Sniff. At least your link doesn’t work and I can’t seem to find it by looking through the website itself.

7 years ago

The lucite lamp!!! Where is it??? I got so excited when I saw it because it looks high-end but obviously has a Target price tag…when I clicked the link, it says the item no longer exists. Get Target to bring it back!!???

7 years ago
Reply to  Abby

I saw several in my store last night….maybe you cud check your local store.

7 years ago
Reply to  Abby

There were several in my local store a few days ago, too. I think it was $25 with the shade? I was worried it would be cheap-looking in person but it’s the cutest.

7 years ago
Reply to  Stacy

I hope so! I’ve had a maddening time with Target lately because it seems half the stuff they post to their pinterest isn’t available online a day later – not sold out, but like the lamp, simply “not available”. I’ll be checking my Target first thing tomorrow!

7 years ago
Reply to  Abby
7 years ago

*sigh* I really wish Target had worked out in Canada or that they at least shipped to us… Looks great Emily!

Emily K
7 years ago

Um ya both the task lamp and the lucite lamp are no longer available according to the website.

7 years ago

Can I ask how your viscose rug is wearing? I have 2 (soon to be 3) young kids and have been warned off viscose because of its difficulty to clean. Just wondering how it’s worked out in your experience.

7 years ago

You’re going to make me go broke at Target! xo

7 years ago
7 years ago

Just bought the cute copper table, except in WHITE! free shipping too, woohoo! I need another accent table like I need a hole in the head but I couldn’t resist. Has anyone ever divorced someone for buying too many tables? I might be about to make history…

7 years ago

Those lucite lamps and the copper table are so so good. I need them now.

7 years ago

Love this kind of post, Love your styling!

7 years ago

This whole post makes me miss target even more now! #targetcomebacktocanada!!

7 years ago
Reply to  Megan

yeah, these posts are a bit mean to Canadians. 🙁

7 years ago

I’m so sad it looks like the lamps are sold out online? My local Target is always sold out of the good stuff too. But I love the styling! This is a great post!!!

7 years ago

I just love the Scandi look! Clean, fresh with a nod towards minimalism and utilitarianism.

By the way, your small hand with the two fingers up made me smile, as if you turn it the other way round in the UK it has a very rude meaning! (But maybe you knew that anyway?)

7 years ago

THE TASK LAMP! I literally bought it YESTERDAY in gold because the silver detailing on the white & black ones was just…eh. Sooo maybe I’ll buy another one in the fall 😉 Because my desk totally needs two task lamps.

But, let’s face it, the gold one is fab.

7 years ago

These r the best posts because I feel like I can just go right out and get an emily henderson fix. I truly buy son much of your target recommendations!
Thank you!

7 years ago

Very cool interior design! 🙂 I love the fun look.
x M. /

7 years ago

Any chance you have a spare XL pouf like the one you used for OhJoy’s living room redo? I followed the link a while back and tried to contact the supplier with no responses so I gave up on ever finding one so large however with a baby on the way I am reminded that my lovely coffee table is far from child safe. I’d LOVE to take one off your hands and clear some storage space for you so you can buy more stuff. 😉

7 years ago

I was able to buy two of the white lamps at my target last night. $25 each with shad and there is a 10% off on the cartwheel app for RE lighting

7 years ago

Hi – I was digging around for your post on reupholstering your couch with stain resistant white fabric. It seems the links to that one are broken 🙁 Any way to access that again? I was trying to figure out what type of Sunbrella fabric was used for the covers.

Seriously can’t get over how beautiful your home is! I always find myself changing decor styles too, based on what I’ve been researching or helping others with. I’m just design ADD. I love and want it all!

7 years ago

I just came back from my local target and I got to see almost ALL these items you’ve shown here!!!! 🙂 Some of them are not available online for some reason, but I was so close to wanting to buy them at the store just because Emily Henderson said so! 😉 (you’re my interior design role model!) And yet, they will match nothing in my house =( ahhhhhh when I am able to spend more, I WILL have my room makeover!!

7 years ago

Seriously… either Target needs to open stores in the UK or I need to move to the States. One of the two. I really need some Tar-jay action in my life.

7 years ago

I really like how you combine patterns and colors. And tribal patterns add a bit of mystery, I recommend the rugs:

7 years ago

So this is probably vintage sacrilege, but have you considered having a zipper added to the back of the boots? I have no idea what that would cost or if it would be worth your investment, but it would solve the buttoning problem!

7 years ago

I want those sheets!

i love that cute little acrylic lamp. probably because i want everything from target….. happy problems to have

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