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Jonathan Adler + Etsy + Me

Etsy + Jonathan Adler = Total design happiness.  Two of my favorite brands/companies have partnered my friends, but first a little story.

When I was 23 I started working at Jonathan Adler in New York. I remember the day I got the job, I was sooooooooooooo excited. He was still kinda small back then, just one teeny store in Soho, but I was a MASSIVE fan. I had been bar-tending every night, walking dogs during the day, taking furniture design classes, etc., so somehow by landing this retail job I thought that maybe things were going to start to head in the right direction. I worked there for two years just as a shop girl and met stylists, which is how I became a stylist. So thank you JA, for launching my career. 🙂

Jonathan was awesome to work for and completely hilarious to be around. He called me “Petal” and I think really appreciated my insane vintage/nutso style at the time — or at least acted like it. One day I was wearing this bright yellow vintage caplet jacket thing — I’m talking SCHOOL BUS YELLOW — and he grabbed it and said, “I think this might be 5000 percent polyester, but I like it.”  And that’s the stuff you remember from people you really admire when you are 23.

Well today he is partnering with Etsy to do a sweepstakes on Pinterest.


Basically all you have to do is follow the @Etsy boards and then pin five things from their “Get Chic Sweepstakes” board. You don’t have to purchase, just pin. All the info is HERE.

Meanwhile, he gave me exclusive pics of his picks to post here on the blog. Thanks JA.

jonathan adler etsy pics

I even picked that Lionel Richie mug for my gift guide last year. And those Danks pots would be perfect propped on my stove to try to convince everyone that came over that not only do I cook (no I don’t) but I do it in danish pots and pans. I’m rock and roll like that.

Read Jonathan Adler’s interview on the Etsy website here which is bound to be VERY entertaining, as he is one hilarious mother.

Enter away, friends. We could all use an extra $1000 to spend on Etsy, right? Yes, ma’am, we could.


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