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Jet set …

Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been gallivanting around upstate New York at the Country Living Fair and then at a shoot where wifi was a very precious resource.

But don’t worry, because I bought Emily Jr’s first teddy bear made from alpaca fur (sheered, not…you know) so that was productive. I tried to convince myself that the reason I can spend close to $100 on it is because I could give it to Brian for Fathers day when I realized that if I gave Brian a highly expensive stuffed animal for fathers day he might rethink the whole fatherhood thing. I went through the ‘but its iconic, he/she will have it for the rest of his/her life, they’ll remember this moment when we, as a couple, were so generous and loving forever.  They’ll take it to college, think of us fondly, and thank us and the bear when accepting their award for ‘best child ever raised’.  But then I reminded myself that if i’m already trying to force ‘moments’ on my child that i’m doomed for a lot of disappointed moments for the next 50 years.

sheeps fur teddy bear

I also bought some amazing sheepskins for both side of our beds. These make the ones from ikea look like bathmats. So lush and plush and white.  They wash and clean the hell out of these and you would  be SHOCKED at how soft they are. Like a baby chinchilla right after a bath.

rhinebeck new york

In case you want to buy a handmade alpaca teddy bear for a baby gift (I hoarded 2 others for friends kids) go HERE.   A very sweet couple makes them all by hand and i’m telling you, its softer than Bearcat’s under belly.

Then I went to the Lake House shoot (remember that house I did last year in New York?) that we were shooting for Country Living Magazine and hung out with these two adorable hoodlums.

land of nod toys

Which once again reaffirms the idea that I think I could go for twins, although that is decidedly not an option for this baby. 🙂 I mean, the have a built in best friend and they have just so much fun together that you get jealous.  The ‘rockadile’ and zebra are both from Land of Nod, rug from Dwell but obviously you’ll see the whole spread in like 6 months in the magazine.  

stairway photo collection

It’s just such a happy house. Every time i’m there I HATE leaving.

black and white navajo rug

We added this rug to the den, which has always been that room that is kinda unfinished.  And its looking more and more pulled together every day.

gold stump side table

And I tried this as the side table for the guest room, but for the shoot they went with something less, well, GOLD.  I actually didn’t style the job because last week on a shoot I was reminded how much GD work it is to be the stylist – both before the shoot, during and after. So I opted to just be there to help and you know, give my probably annoying opinions on other people’s work :).

It turned out awesome, though, and I can’t wait for you guys to see it. (I think it will be April or May of 2014)

Now i’m in Portland to celebrate my mom retiring from 30 years as a school teacher (seriously proud of her) and my sister having her first huge staged reading/sing through for her musical that many of you supported (OK, seriously proud of HER, too).  So i’ll be up here just til Thursday.  Going on jogs, not drinking delicious micro brews or coffee, hanging out with family.  A 3 day visit is decidedly too short.


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