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by Orlando Soria

Welcome to another special guest post by my dear friend Orlando Soria, the creative director of the L.A. Homepolish team and the founder of Hommemaker blog. We don’t work together every day anymore but our addiction to each other hasn’t waned. So, every now and again we simply must collaborate even if its just a guest post by him here on the blog. Take it away, Landy.


Dear Emily,

When I was a little boy I constantly redecorated my bedroom. I painted it blue, then purple, then white. I forced my mom to make me Mickey Mouse curtains to match my Mickey Mouse bedspread. Basically every year I gave my room a makeover that made it unrecognizable. But I learned recently that not all little boys like to redecorate their rooms every year. Some little boys hire fancy interior designers with hard-to-pronounce names (like me) to come in and decorate their bedrooms. And you know what, thank God. Because little kids’ rooms are so fun.

You saw my megatransformation of the girl’s bedroom at my La Habra Heights clients house a few weeks ago. Today I’m sharing the makeover I did on the same family’s little boy’s room, which is actually what started the whole kids’ rooms makeover process (a new “big boy” bedroom was his birthday present”… I know, this family is so cute it like hurts my teeth to think about how sweet they are).


I tried my best to make these before pics look garbagey, but honestly the bedroom was pretty cute before we started. Yes, the color scheme lacked direction and was full of my least favorite color (red), but I would have LOVED this bedroom as a little boy. The only issue is that the bed wasn’t a big boy bed, and the rest of the furniture needed some updating (don’t worry, the family donated all this furniture, so some other happy kids are using it now).

Click through to see the afters


Like me, Jack is the youngest son in the family (yes, I’m revealing his name because it’s literally written on the wall). And, like me, he got the smaller of the bedrooms, with the trickier layout. I had a tiny bedroom growing up while my siblings had much bigger ones. But when the time came and they went off to college, I kept my tiny room because I think there’s something kind of cozy and wonderful about small spaces. Jack’s room has the same cozy feel my bedroom had and overlooks the pool and the beautiful countryside.


I wanted to make a big splash color-wise, but as y0u may remember, these clients are terrified of wall color and let out blood-curdling screams while running around in circles every time I mentioned painting the walls a non-white color. That’s where this awesome Blik wall decal came in. If you haven’t checked out this company you totally should. They have tons of fun decals that you can plop on the wall and if you get sick of them you can just tear them off later. [Turns to camera: CAN I HAVE MY MONEY NOW?] … [JK I totally paid for the wall decal and am receiving no sponsorship from them for this mention. Oh wait no my clients paid for it. Anyway, why are you still reading this? It’s in brackets. It’s like not even important].

la habra_kids room_orlando soria_emily henderson_32

We decided on an upholstered daybed that would take Jack into his tween years. To give it some playfulness, I sourced bright, graphic bedding.


The rug provides a nice color splash on the ground while giving Jack a super soft place to throw his toys all over. If it were my rug I would just spend all day rubbing my face on it because it’s so soft.


Like his totally trendy and awesome sister, Jack inherited some Avedon Beatles prints for his bedroom, which I hung above his mid-century-inspired dresser. I am obsessed with mobiles. Like not regular baby mobiles but Calder-y mobiles. So I wanted to put them all over. But because Jack’s parents were trying to take his bedroom decor out of babyland and sometimes even Calder-y mobiles can look babyesque, we decided on these totally grown up/terrifying arrow hangings. Which give the room some whimsey and movement. Speaking of whimsey, HOW MUCH DO YOU HATE WHIMSEY? I should never be allowed to talk again for using that word just now.


I’ve been wanting to use this simple white bookcase for a long time. It’s perfect for displaying books and objects because the little out compartments allow for display of cool toys.


Don’t you want to squeeze that elephant so hard his stuffing pops out? (I do).


Like we did with the bed, we went super simple on the dresser. We wanted something he could keep into his teens, so these simple wood pieces fit the bill. Also, all those little birds make chirping noises when you squeeze them, so the whole time we were shooting it sounded like a bird massacre. Which naturally made me want to run around screaming like Tippi Hedren in “The Birds” whilst pretending to bat birds away from my head.


Better, right?


Oh my god HOW HAVE WE NOT TALKED ABOUT THE CHAIR YET??? I’ve been dying to use this chair forever because, like me, it’s so adorable, green, and accessible. I feel like it has a totally deco vibe. Like I could see a flapper sitting on it in her dressing room right before she runs out to the dance floor to dance the jitterbug while being like SAY MISTER, HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE TITANIC? I can also imagine it in some crazy 80s Kelly Wearstler interior with splatter painted walls and Kelly Wearstler, like, standing their in a ballgown serving ironic hot dogs to her kids while posing for a photo. Clearly, I’ve thought quite a bit about this chair.


I’m hoping this family gives birth to another baby so I can decorate its nursery or that the kids get totally tired of their rooms and want another makeover in six months. In the meantime, PUT DOWN THE IRONIC HOT DOG YOU’RE EATING AND REPLICATE THIS LOOK BY READING THIS INCREDIBLY INFORMATIVE ‘SHOP THE POST’!


1. Geometric Wall Decal, 2. Upholstered Daybed, 3. Duvet Cover, 4. Accordion Wood Side Table, 5. Aqua Rug, 6. Door Accent Color (Benjamin Moore Seaweed), 7. Arrows Mobile, 8. Mid-Century Dresser, 9. Richard Avedon Beatles Poster, 10. Metal Wall Letters, 11. White Lacquer Bookcase, 12. Green Velvet Swivel Chair, 13. Aqua Felt Storage Bin, 14. Navy Cashmere Throw.


PS: But wait! There’s more! Read more coverage about Jack’s makeover on Homepolish Magazine!

Photographs by Tessa Neustadt Courtesy Homepolish


  1. I LOVE the bright bold colours of this room. Perfect for a tween! When I was fourteen I was FINALLY allowed to paint my room the colour of my dreams – so I painted the WHOLE ROOM the colour of that chair. It was AMAZING! And I loved it and I’d do it again over an over!

    Great work Emily and team, yet again!!

  2. Orlando, you rock.

  3. Your ROCK Orlando!!!!!!

  4. Orlando – this is so fun and playful, but still very boyish. Love.

  5. I love these orlando posts! I can’t believe that wall design is a decal, it totally looks like it was paint. I have a question about the mobile(s)? Do they have to be hanging over something? ..Or can they just float in a room? You’re right about that chair, and the flapper, ha, adorable!!

  6. Love the rooms in this home… But the carpet is killing me!

  7. Yowza. I rarely leave comments, and I rarely like kids bedroom makeovers, but this room’s awesomeness blew me away. Kudos Orlando, kudos.

  8. Growing up in this room, Jack will have an unimpeachable sense of everything that is right and good in the world and will settle for nothing less, and therefore I say: JACK FOR PRESIDENT. After being elected, Jack will then appoint Orlando to some kind of cabinet or secretary or some other post named after furniture, and America will FINALLY be headed in the right direction!

    1. I wish there was a like button here!

  9. Looks fantastic as always, Orlando. Love the rug SO much. Love both dressers but especially the small one. Love the mobile and it’s placement. I’m a girl, but I would have loved this room as a child. 😉

  10. What a lucky little boy to have you doing his room. You have fantastic parents to have let you re-do your room….paint!!………over and over. Nice job all the way around.

  11. Adorable! Love the kelly green accents, especially on the door.

  12. Orlando, I invite you to makeover my college apartment. Absolutely blown away with these last two transformations! Beautiful work!

  13. Love, love, love this! Simply wonderful and I might steal a few ideas for my girl. Especially love the decal and rug.

    Quick question, is the source link correct for decal though? It goes to Orlando’s other room transformation. Not to Blik. Talking about the section under “Get this Look.” Thanks!

  14. LOL @ Kelly Wreastler serving ‘ironic hotdogs’ – ahhh Orlando, you are freaking hilarious!

  15. Such a fun transformation!


  16. always laugh when I read your posts!! love all the bright green in this room!

  17. This room is amazing!! This has become my inspiration for decorating my son’s room. The link for the decal isn’t working. Where is the decal from? Thanks!

  18. You two make the world a happier, brighter place. Emily, do you know the name/brand of the white paint Orlando used here? Thank you!! xx

  19. Very cool room. Is the green door the closet? That’s a neat way to bring in color for white wall lovers.

  20. UM, those geo shapes above the bed are phenomenal. Looks like I’ve found my next rainy day project.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

  21. LOVE the room; but – as with the sister’s makeover, I wish the carpet could have been removed.

  22. that adorable orange kitten is going to murder the loops in that carpet. fact.

    aaauuuugh — I’m gonna crap myself from the genius of it!!!

  24. LOL. Can you just write a book already?

    Also, I’m in love with that green chair and the color/shapes above the bed. What a lucky little dude.

  25. And that green door, tho. *slow clap*

  26. I’ve been slightly obsessed with Kelly Wearstler lately so perfect and hilarious imagery ‘Lando…you crack me up! I also think “Ironic Hot Dogs” would be an amazing name for a new band. Hmmmm…

    I live in the country and that “HAY” lettering is a homonym I might just have to steal.

    Also, THOSE SIDE TABLES! Amazeballs!

    1. I loved those side tables, too, and they were on sale when I checked! I loved them until I read the reviews and one reviewer complained about getting two batches with termites. And that was the end for me. Maybe from another source, but for right now, the darlingness of them is tarnished by vermin.

      1. That reviewer was me. Very embarrassng since it was for a client, would not get those tables again.

  27. OH YES.

  28. I don’t know you Orlando, but I love you. Love this whole post!

  29. Okay, I love every.single.thing. about this. It’s gorgeous! I’m especially taken with that green chair. I’ve been looking for something basically exactly like this, and can’t wait until I can run to Ikea and pick up a pair.


  30. This room is ultra fab Orlando! You’ve done it again!

  31. I have about 25 of those same chirping little birds.

  32. Where oh where is that amazing stuffed elephant from?! My son would LOOOOVE IT!

  33. Was staging magic used to shift the rug for each shot, or is the room smaller than it looks?
    I love the rug and is exactly what I’m looking for, but 6×9 is the largest size, it seems bigger in the photos to me than that!

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