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Irobot Roomba commercials; behind the scenes

Well hello friends,

I had the total pleasure of shooting an ad campaign for the Irobot Roomba last month and now the commercials are all up and a-running.  The concept was me on the set of my show, talking about the importance of good design, of multitasking and life being as effortless as possible.  When they approached me about the Roomba, the little disc vacuum that I’ve always found utterly adorable, i was like, ‘Yep. No brainer. That’s awesome’.   

I mean, look at it:


THAT IS A VACUUM.  When its on the ground, doing its thing, its even more adorable – it looks like a little baby robot that scoots around on the floor – looking for its mommy.  This is not a sponsored post and i have no obligation to post about it or even say anything at all about it, so know that when i say its a genius little animal, its true – you don’t have to do anything except set it all up, and it then knows that on Tuesday mornings at 11 after you’ve gone to work it needs to step off its little dock and vacuum the family room. Technology baffles me.  It even has a ‘cliff sensor’ which means it won’t fall down the stairs or go off a ledge or anything.  Totally genius.  Plus it entertains your cats.  

So here are some behind the scenes pics of the set for your viewing pleasure.  I brought some of my favorite pieces to set, but there was an art director and stylist that did all of the work.  I’ll never get used to not being the stylist/art director and not having to schlep, organize, style, reset, pack up, return – i can’t help but jump when someone asks for ‘art department’ but not gonna lie, its awesome.   

The wall at the location house was brown and couldn’t be painted, but in person it really worked and everything popped off it real nice.  

Meanwhile on the other side of the room, it looked like this:

35 or so people, all with designated jobs, and everything went 100% smooth.  The production company, client and director were all very organized and very, very, very easy to work with.  It doesn’t always work out that way, trust me, so we were all very lucky and grateful. 


I love that we are posing with the Roomba like its a flower arrangement.  

I fell in love.  Its possibly a one sided relationship – so far its not recognizing me as anything but a pair of feet – possibly even thinking i’m a chair or table.

But i’ve seen Short Circuit and Wall-E and eventually he won’t be able to resist my cognac leather boots and my long blonde locks.   

To see the commercials watch HGTV of course, but if you are dying to see them right now, click HERE for the first one and HERE for the second.  

I was nervous at first, but loosened up after a few minutes and i’m super proud of them.  They turned out really well, are totally ‘me’ (very natural and loose, not super scripted or anything) and they were really really fun to shoot.  

Plus check out this viral video of people doing the robot – its awesome.  

So thanks, HGTV and Irobot.  May we do many more together.  



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