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Introducing our son, Charlie Starke Henderson …

Well, folks, we done had a baby … and life is all of a sudden perfect.

Life was good before, of course. Great, actually. But this little guy just really put it over the top. He’s perfectly healthy, I’m totally healthy and we are home safe and sound from the hospital.

Some quick details while he’s napping:

He was born saturday morning at 8:30am, 10 days early. He weighed 7.2 pounds and is 19 1/2 inches long. He kinda looks like a snapping turtle, and the most adorable snapping turtle at that. I’ll write-up my birth story properly later – I don’t to rush it but you’ll get it soon before I forget all the details. Of course right now it seems impossible to forget that level of pain, but its already fading.

emily sleeping


It’s all totally amazing and I can’t believe the combination of both extreme joy and strange uneasiness at the same time. I’m not a worrier at all in life – I fancy myself pretty fearless, actually, but this ‘life in the palm of your hands’ thing is absolutely terrifying in a way that nothing ever has been before.  And don’t get me started on the obsessive staring problem that occurs the second you have a baby.

baby charlie

Here’s what I want you to know:

Of course, as of today, I’m not working as much as I was before and naturally my priorities have shifted. But I have worked my belly off the last 6 months writing so many posts in advance, and setting up systems so that the business can still run while we are taking some time as a family. I’ll be checking in daily, still writing the posts and I have an amazing design and blog assistant, Ginny, who is helping manage everything.

Business isn’t stopping, it’s just getting more streamlined and I need you to still come back and visit every day.

Happy Monday, friends. Mondays are famously  my least favorite day of the week, but not this one. Its totally, absolutely, tearfully perfect.

charlie Henderson

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