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Instagrams of new opensky pieces

Today i’m launching a bit wall-art/object collection on OpenSky.  The art rolls out next week (with a bunch of pics from 20×200 and some of my good friends), but for now these guys are up and on sale.  


Sometimes i put little memories in little hexagonal boxes…..

And then i put art around them.  I’m all curator-y like that.  I’m selling those cute little wooden boxes here, for $19. I think if you had a bunch of them they would look super cute in a kids room, but for grownups i like these intersperced amongst art.  

They could even be a modern dollhouse on the wall (to this day i still shudder when i hear that word). 

Sometimes i put jewerly on porcelain wall hooks.  I think this is a bit young for me, but if i were a teen or in college, shut up, i would love it. $42 HERE

You fox (mirror).  There is also a bear mirror but Bearcat has forbidden any ‘bear’ related accessories in our house since she is 1/2 bear.  HERE.  She gets jealous, but i worship her so i cave instantly to her demands. It’s a hard month for her afterall  – black cats are particularily discriminated against, during October.  

I’m also selling these beautiful japanese clocks:

Which i love. Don’t worry they tell time in America as well. 

Also i’m very happy that this tray (which actually might be my favorite tray ever) by Ladies and Gentlemen studios is selling well.  It ain’t cheap, but 100% worth it.  HERE. And those little gold and white paper bowls are still in my shop (although i can’t keep them in my house because i keep bringing them to shoots and end up selling them to clients because they love them so much).  HERE. 


And those are my instagrams around my house of stuff that can be around your house.  

Pretty things in my OpenSky store.

All these beauties are still up as well.  Clearly i like gold and white.  Probably because they are the best. 


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