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instagrams from the swap meet

Long Beach Flea Market can be hit or miss. It’s a lot of garbage, but it’s also full of gems that are underpriced.

I scored two of these bad boys. One might be turned into a bench for Bri’s project. The legs are what kills me, solid brass and just so pretty.

I know, I know. VERY predictable. But it’s in really good condition, has an adorable pillow on it, and comes with the stand. Normally you have to hang it from the ceiling, which limits where you can hang it. But not with a stand. That stand just needs a new quick paint job that I can do. We are in business.

This is the bench that I actually needed for Bri’s project, but it had just gotten purchased. This one isn’t for everyone because yes, it;s totally ’80s but so is Bri, so it kinda works. And the brass base? Stop. Just stop.

Same vendor. Awesome lamps. In PERFECT condition and so shiny and new, but old. Not sure what I’m doing with these yet, but I had to have them in my possession.

I shall wear this while I play with all my new ’80s pieces. Liberace much?

Also many of these pretty, pretty pieces are leaving my inventory today because we are doing a final installation of a house we’ve been working on forever. So I have to say goodbye to so many of my favorite things. Don’t worry, I have more and I can definitely shop for more. But I’ll always have this Instagram to keep me warm at night.

Gotta run. This week is gonna be nuts, right?

Follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks into the house we are finishing today.  My username is em_henderson.


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