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Injuries, instagrams, and apartment therapy awards

First off, if you are here for the first time, coming from the Apartment Therapy Homie award nominations page, welcome and I love you. I’ll have your internet babies if you vote for me. Today’s post isn’t my best work, keep reading and you’ll find out why. But meanwhile, check some of the favorite posts for a better sense of what this blog is about:

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The homies are kinda the Oscars of design blogs. It’s the best we got, so I may as well go for it.  You can vote by clicking HERE.  Share with your friends, families, lovers …

Meanwhile, back to the regularly scheduled post about my thrown out back, thrifting, and a special lucite foot:

Remember that commercial about the lady that said “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up?” and we strangely found it all so funny even though it’s totally mean? I mean, who laughs at an old lady who has fallen? Us. America. Rude.

Well, that’s me right now — not laughing, but fallen. I done thrown my back out. It’s so lame. It was while I was furiously trying to unload my car yesterday morning before I headed out to the flea market. I reached for something in a weird way, picked up a bunch of heavy books in an awkward way, and then BOOM, flat on my back for the rest of the day. And for the record, I’m not a pussy, and basically nothing can keep me from the flea market. At first I thought, well maybe I could have a friend drive … and maybe I could be wheeled around … and maybe I could just point to things and have them brought to me. So delusional. But ultimately I came to terms with the death of my Sunday, with no flea market possibility in sight.

So I’m still in bed and terribly bored. I’m NOT the kind of person that secretly relishes this; I’m going insane. Thank god for laptops and bearcats.

Yesterday I was too drugged up to even PIN. Imagine that! I can’t even really PIN!

Whatever, at least I got in a day of thrifting on Saturday:

It was A LOT of garbage. But within that garbage there are always some treasures:

Oh, like this lucite foot? It’s life-size and its incredible. We think it’s a sock store display thing from the ’70s. One recently sold on first dibs but we aren’t sure for how much. And by “we, ” I mean me and my friend Scott Horne, as he is the one that actually unearthed this foot.

And then I found six gold mugs for $6 total. They need a good scrubbing of bleach proportions, but they are VERY cute, indeed.

What a cute, adorable brass nautical ice bucket. Sadly, this guy was $95 (not at a thrift store but at a vintage store) and it was broken on the inside, so not terribly functional. I skipped it but I wanted to show it to you anyway, because I’m a child like that and I love show and tell.

So that’s what I did … when I could walk … *single tear. I watched part of the Superbowl yesterday and just cringed everytime they got hit because my back hurt so bad.

Beyonce totally rocked it, and then I felt totally inadequate as a woman. I mean, how amazing is she?

Again, if you want my back to get better, please vote for me for the Homies award: VOTE HERE

So, has anybody else 33 going on 70 and has thrown their back out? Do you have any new TV series I should get addicted to that I’m not already addicted to, involving teenagers and a lot of “almost kissing”? Any icing/heat suggestions to give? Entertain me, people. I’m bored and about to take another muscle relaxer …



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