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I’m off …

Well, folks, I’m up in Sacramento on a much-needed staycation at Brian’s parents house. We had a wedding here on saturday (which I actually didn’t make because I was finishing the shoot, but Brian and Charlie did) and then his dad’s birthday bash next saturday so we decided to just stay here for the week because it’s just so relaxing. Big old sofas, fridge full of food, grandparents dying to entertain young child, etc. We thought about going somewhere (Tahoe, Napa, etc) but the idea of just chilling and having a built-in babysitter here for date nights actually sounded less stressful than trying to coordinate housing, a sitter, etc. We might change our mind, but as you can tell from my face up there, I’m so exhausted that watching TV, reading magazines, going on dates with Brian, making dinners with his parents, vintage shopping with his mom and playing/cuddling with that kid actually sounds perfect.

I have a few planned post that are prepped but not written but I may decide to just, well, not. This brain isn’t going to relax itself and I don’t want to risk an actual burn-out. So right now on my calendar I have ‘Parenthood season premiere’ on Thursday night and ‘Brian’s dads birthday’ on Saturday night and that’s it. I’m very busy.

But knowing me I’ll wake up tomorrow, feeling all fresh and be like, ‘maybe just a quick post ….’. Either way it will be a very chill week.


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