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I'M A GIANT!!!!! Update.

So ‘Man Caves’ are everywhere right now, right? Everyone is all, ‘oh i’m building a man cave’, ‘oh i’m going in my man cave’, ‘oh isn’t my man cave the best’, yadda yadda, all the time. BORING!!!  But you know what isn’t in the zeitgeist right now and what isn’t boring? DOLLHOUSE CAVES!!!!!!!
YUP. It’s Corbett’s garage and her husband Leigh wanted to turn it into a man cave. He talks about it ALL the time, understandably so.  But unfortunately he wasn’t making it happen fast enough.  So one day we snuck in there, reorganized and deemed it the ‘Dollhouse Cave’ which was quite QUITE upsetting to him.  I mean, its kinda a man’s worst nightmare, literally.  But in there we have Me,  Corbett and Orblando’s dollhouses and we couldn’t be happier.  
My progress has been slow because building it took a while, and then all the construction is the most BORING PART!!!! I’m so glad i don’t have a renovation show, its just not the fun stuff for me. I’ve been shopping like crazy and i have loads of adorable dollhouse furniture now, but i’m forcing myself to finish the flooring and the electrical before i get to shop any more.  So last night i had my guys in to lay the flooring:
Its different width balsa and walnut from the art store.  But instead of staining it i had my guys paint it high gloss white, with teeny tiny paintbrushes:
And the thing about this house is that its very ‘old’ so the floor boards were popping up, so i had my guys in last night to nail them down with two teeny brass nails for each board.  
I’m starting to get super into it, i just can’t wait until the electrical is done.  I’m seriously debating not doing it, but i think eventually i will wish that i had. And the thing about dollhouses are that you actually have to do it similar to real houses. You have to do the electrical before you paint or wallpaper or do anything FUN.  I even looked into getting it wired by a dollhouse professional and guess what the quote was:  $600!!!!!  
It’s daunting, but its my weekend goal.  
Meanwhile my fellow bloggers are doing insane stuff:
Corbett (Girl Domestic) is doing custom herringbone wood flooring, BY HAND!!! (ask her if she is regretting it now and she’ll say yes, but when its done she is going to be soooooo happy).
Morgan is building an A-frame.  It’s upsettingly awesome. 
Morgan, give me that chair now.  and these photos are distorted – they are all elongated, sorry Morgan, not sure why. 
Dude, i want that cow-hide chair.  
Erin MADE this Pendleton Blanket Replica.  I hate her.  In a ‘I love this blanket so much I wish it was mine’ kinda way.  
Now this is EXTREMELY UPSETTTING.  Nauseating, actually.  Jenny is killing it.  and me.  I mean, she got all of this stuff for $5.  FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!!!    It’s because she’s a good person, that must be it.  But i will fly to New York, show up at her doorstep, pretend to bring her my home-made cinnamon rolls, act all sweet, meanwhile the cinnamon rolls are laced with something that will put her into a lovely little nap, then i will steal all of these brass pieces and that screen. I can’t handle it.  I’ll leave an apology letter, signed ‘Natalie Holbrook’ to confuse her.  
Told you, its upsettingly amazing. Grandma holding baby is decidedly creepy. 
I’m speechless. 
And Orb-lando? Forget about it. He’s killing it the hardest right now.  Check this out:
Sorry, its a very crude picture.  But its so incredible i don’t even know what to say.  It’s a ‘falling down’ barn on the outside and a super modern space inside. He made those stairs. He’s made everything.  He is king of the dollhouses right now.  ALL HAIL ORLANDO THE KING OF DOLLHOUSES!!!!!!!
And Making it Lovely is making it lovely with this adorable pink bathroom set:  
Meanwhile, other bloggers are doing insanely awesome stuff.  Here are the standouts as of right now, but don’t worry people you have time to catch up, you can start right now if you want.  And if i don’t have your link at the list at the bottom, please leave it in a comment (don’t email me, gmail is the most annoying thing in the world) and i’ll add it.  
This is incredible. She upholstered that mini-sofa herself. It literally looks 100% real.
She painted a mural on the ceiling of her nursery.  Serious dedication. 
Gold leaf ceiling anyone??
This is a moodboard that i love – that sofa is amazing.  
A MINI ORB-LANDO@@@@@!!!!!!!
This one is 100% from scratch. Those Shoji doors open and close and she painted a mural on the ceiling.  It’s so awesome.  
JWK Style:
To be fair, she finished hers a while ago, pre ‘i’m a giant’  But its really amazing and i will go ahead and take credit for it.  
Here’s the moodboard for this one, i’m extremely excited to see how its going to turn out.  That rocker and the caned chair are both dope.  
And here are a list of other awesome GIANT bloggers participating so you can check their progress. Retweet, relink, re-blog, whatever – the more people involved the better.  
THis one just in and its insane, she has replicated her own house, room by room, lamp by lamp, check it:
And again, if you are doing it and i missed you, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT and i’ll update the list when i get home later.  


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