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I’ll be back, but for now some announcements

I know, i know.  I haven’t done a post of my show, or Designstar yet, i’m massively behind.  But i’m in Portland, pretty much kissing the trees at Laurelhurst park, sipping the wine from Clyde Commons, buying some blankets from my beloved Pendleton, listening to bands at Ron Tons all while hanging out with the family, the friends and the babies (who i might steal).  I needed a break from everything and i’m almost a human being again.  Nothing a little bit of Oregon air can’t cure.

But here are some quick announcements:

1. I am doing a Holiday Magazine.  And i’m INCREDIBLY excited about it.  It will be a gift guide (for her, for him, for the pets, for the parents, for the home, for the bedroom, etc).  Its going to have a ton, i mean A TON of original content from myself as well as some pretty dope and famous bloggers (wait for the announcement).  I can’t believe how good it is turning out.  Ad space is selling like wild fire, so if you are interested in your company buying some space email the amazing Lana (from at lana – at –  it will be out and linked for 2 months starting november first. 

2. We haven’t been officially picked up, but if/when we do i want all of you who want to audition to send in tapes ASAP.  Here are the details:

1. a video of you and your space.  and bring the personality, if you are boring in your video then you might be boring on camera, so don’t be.

2. pics of your space – and don’t try to make it look better than it is.

3. you have to be in LA or within 40 miles of LA.

4. you get everything for free, you just have to move out.

5. if you have a different kind of room (kids room, playroom, den, guesthouse, etc) that is awesome.  

6 as of right now i’m still not doing renovation, so i don’t think kitchens and bathrooms are in the works UNLESS you just need a facelift and not plumbing being moved (think style not renovation).

3. Emily Henderson as a brand and company is expanding fast.  I need interns for the blog, like yesterday (which is why i haven’t emailed anyone back in so long, so so so so sorry).  Need to be blog proficient or a crazy fast learner, need to really really want to work hard (I don’t want to feel guilty asking you to do something), need to be obsessed with style and design so work feels like fun (which it truly does for us already) and need to have a great work ethic.  This last one is bafflingly hard to find.  There is massive room for growth.  Send resumes to emily – at – with the title ‘intern’ in the subject.  I’ll start looking them over this weekend and i’ll wait a couple weeks to make a decision.  Send ANYTHING that you think could be relevant.  pictures, moodboards, references, portfolios, blog posts, ANYTHING.  

4. Hug yourself.  Because i love you.  and Portland loves you. 

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