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If you need me, I'll be in my car


The good news:  Todays shoot was totally pleasant, everyone so nice, pretty pictures, great location, etc.  The bad news : It took me 2 1/2 hours, stuck in traffic, to get home.  The good news:  There were 15 leftover peonies stems that now adorn my dining room.  The bad news: In case you weren’t paying attention, IT TOOK ME 2 1/2 HOURS TO GET HOME FROM WORK TODAY.  oh and 1 hour 45 minutes to get there – it is 50 miles, but all freeway, shoulda been 1 hour.

girl-long-brown-hair-fashion-foam magazinegirl-long-brown-hair-fashion-foam magazine
So L.A. traffic isn’t awesome – and not exactly blog worthy either.
But you want to know what is?   Dust ruffles. Kidding. I can’t do it tonight.  I will leave you with an endorsement:  Foam Magazine. I styled for them today with the above photographer, Glynis Selina Arbon, and while killing time waiting for the ridiculously angelic model to somehow get even prettier, I picked up the latest issue and was super into it.  First of all, Grace Gummer adorned the cover, a spitting image of her mother, Meryl Streep, and lordy, lordy I do love that woman.  She really can do no wrong in my eyes (what about Mamma Mia you say?  I have no idea what you are talking about, never heard of it.).   2nd of all,  ‘Foam’  has pretty awesome music reviews, interviews and photo spreads; it’s kinda like Teen Vogue meets Paper Mag, but with a beachy California edge. Pick it up, unless you hate pretty photos, magazines, California, snarky music reviews and all-things-Meryl ….then it might not be for you, and perhaps you should start considering why you have such bad taste.
Gotta run,   I need to sit in my car for a few more hours. I miss it so much already.  It’s like I don’t feel like myself unless I’m sitting in traffic; It’s just what’s familiar to me.  My home away from home.  My home, 10 feet from my home, to be specific.  Maybe I’ll just go on the freeway and drive 10 miles an hour just for old times sake. Ooh, and maybe I’ll NOT listen to my iPod as it went dead halfway home.  Maybe I’ll just listen to the radio where they play that song that goes ‘you’re beautiful… your’e beautiful…you’re beautiful to me’, and a few auto-tuned noise songs that I can’t even identify.  Although I was lucky enough to get Miley Cirus’,  ‘Party in the U.S.A’ which really felt like god was smiling down on me, even though I’ve heard he’s far more into Hannah Montana.   Aren’t we all, sir?…aren’t we all…
 – and in case you couldn’t hear my lack of irony amongst all the sarcasm, I actually love that Mi-Ci song and I do know all the lyrics, complicated as they are.
All photos from Glines’ website, not from today.  I’ll post those when they come out.



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