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Yesterday I went insane during the shoot for all my vintage One Kings Lane pieces. I just kept adding and adding and adding vintage pieces from my house. Because I, Emily Henderson, own too much vintage.

I’ve been pretty much broke my entire life (until three years ago) and I don’t think I made the transition well. Instead of saving and splurging on incredible pieces, I’ve been buying and buying, more and more vintage awesomeness, but it’s just too much you guys.

(above piece by Carlo Van der Roer, and I’m seriously considering splurging)

After finishing Bri’s house this week, which is so fresh and poppy and modern, and yet totally full of personality, I decided I needed a big purge. All of my weird and kinda amazing art is going up for sale, March 10th, on One Kings Lane. Well, not all of it, come now, but most of it. Instead, I’m going to take that money and buy original pieces of contemporary art. I’ve kept enough paintings that I’m good on those, but I need drawings, photography, etchings, mixed media pieces, and collages to grow my collection.

'the boy'.  Hey @Lisa Congdon can i purchase this piece? Its just amazing.

I’m debating this piece above by Lisa Congdon. SOOOO good. Lisa, are you selling this bad boy?

But I’m not a millionaire, so I can’t buy pieces for thousands of dollars, of course. So I need your help.

Image of Original hand threaded art work: "Climbing"

(I just bought this piece, from Happy Red Fish. It’s embroidered thread on a photograph and Brian even loves it.)

So this is my call for original pieces of art by living artists that you know for in the hundreds of dollars or less. They could be big, small, 3-D, anything. Obviously I’m going to be picky, I just don’t know too much about art and it’s high time I get into what’s happening in that scene.

What I do know is the Jealous Curator. She knows her shit and is in the art world in the most approachable kind of way. On her blog, she highlights artists that are happening now, and a lot that are affordable as well. It the only art blog that I actually read regularly. So I’ll be perusing that site over the weekend.

And I just bought this piece by Orlando because not only do I love it, but it will always remind me of him, so one day, when he decides he’s sick of me bossing him around, I can simply boss the drawing around, talk to the drawing, take the drawing shopping, etc. A la Tom Hanks and his volleyball, Wilson, in Castaway.

Look Away 2

Hey Orlando, you better sign that piece before you send it to me (… or you can just bring it to the office on Monday). Click here for other pieces by Orlando from his, ahem, ‘Storelando’. 

I also refer to  Curate 1K for more affordable art. Check it out.

Any and all suggestions are helpful. Help me help me. Have you any artist friends that are up and coming? Are you or have you ever been an artist looking for more exposure? Let’s do this …


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