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by Emily Henderson


In two days there will be no more secrets between us.  I hate living with you like this.  You turn away when i crawl into bed, you pretend not to notice when i take secret phone calls at night.  You analyze every word i say, every expression i make, desperate for a clue.  And i saw your quiet tears the other day when I said once again, ‘I’m sorry, but i just can’t tell you.’  
The lack of communication is just killing us.


In two days, there will be no more secrets between us. 

(**update, i’m not talking about Brian, he’s in the loop.  I was talking about you and me.  clearly it wasn’t a very good joke, ’cause people think i’m discussing my relationship.  sorry.)
Until then, here is another outfit to room that I did a while ago.  
Vanessa Bruno (the fashion) is the shiznit. 

And here is a link to an interview that both Michael an I did, same questions, dueling answers.
HGTV sunday night 7pm pst, or 10pm est and pst.
Win or lose, lets party.  hardy.


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