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I got some sleep!!! YES!!

So all it took to get rid of my anxiety was a good nights sleep and 93 comments full of amazing suggestions. No, seriously i feel like i’m cheating.  I’m going into the holiday thing as if it was my dream holiday decorating and living out every holiday decorating fantasy (woah) that i’ve ever had.  Move over Martha, well, don’t really move, just a little scoot, because Emily is armed with 93 suggestions that will blow this christmas up.  

Long story short, thank you so much for all the kind words and super helpful suggestions.:

Also, don’t forget to enter the LampsPlus giveaway here  because its an awesome lamp that deserves an awesome home.

Lets get to the Design Star recap.

Except i have a conference call right now….So it’s coming in 2 hours.  I promise.

Thanks for everything.  Seriously.  I wrote down every suggestion and had a meeting with my assistants yesterday where we flushed out ideas for like 3 hours based on all of them.  And then we went mad craft store shopping


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