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I do not look like Judith Light

So Ian tells me often that i dress like Angela from Who’s the Boss.  And then he goes off in Tony’s bronxian accent, ‘, JOna…tan……….SamAn……..ta’.  Which is hilarious. 

But saying that I dress like Judith Light is not.
NO way. 
Except I just bought this dress which has shoulder pads  (which i wore this week for the blogger lunch and the RUE party)
It’s by Joie and you can find it here.  Yes its slightly 80’s, but not like this:
I always protest and say that I dress more 70’s, less 80’s and he says I dress like Angela circa ’83 but still wearing her late ’70’s clothes. which i find quite specific,  and i don’t totally understand.  and then i remind him that he is a straight man who wears rodeo pants and gold medallions.  everyday. 
So in my defense, here are my latest ’70’s inspired fashion pics.  not 80’s, mind you, the 70’s
Dsqared2 tennis blouse.  and can not find where to buy it for the life of me, so if anybody knows, please help me out.  I need this shirt.
Emersonmade bluebells.  These are on their way in the mail and that makes me very very very happy. 
Buy them here
I bought my first vintage coach purse when i was 16 and wore it for 5 years.  
I’m not a handbag chick, and i hate the branding aspect of them, but Coach did it so well in the 70’s -just leather and the necessary hardware to keep it together.  
I still have the one that i rocked for years, but its pretty beat up. 
So last week in New York I bought this one:
Pure and simple design and function.  and with a bit of brass thrown in there.
And maybe i’ll top it off with this shirt from etsy:
With either these vintage 70’s frye boots (which i can’t find) or these new ($100) wedges from Lucky:
Yep.  The 70’s.  
I hope i proved my point, but pretty sure that I didn’t.
Am I the only one that secretly wants to look like Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver?



sans the shirt-thing and the hat, but just the overall vibe, right?



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