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I blahg and blahg, and well, blahg


So Erica, from the blog Design Blahg, asked me a while ago to do a ‘Where i blahg’ photo – meaning a photo of where i actually blog in the mornings. 
It took me a while to do it, not because i wanted to style the picture (which I did, hello), but because I wanted my friend Teri to take the picture. She is good at it, and i’m not.  
So here’s what’s happening in this pic.  
You see my new wingback (its vintage, from Casa Victoria – Your welcome,  its a cheap, good, kinda secret store in Echo Park – i’m already regretting telling you)
The mood board is just homasote from home depot covered in Navy linen, cause i’m obsessed with Navy.  
Not sure why i capitalize it. weird.  
I was at urban outfitters last night and I bought 1 Navy dress, 1 Navy romper and 1 Navy shirt (I tried to find them online but they were all on sale so not there, and i’m anti-taking-picture-of-myself-in-clothes-and-blogging-about-them….perhaps i should put bearcat in them?  bearcat effing loves rompers, although navy does not pop against her black fur, which she insists is actually just a really really dark brown. yeah right, bear, yeah right.  are you just sick of us pimping you out for halloween shoots?  are you?)
The console is from Ikea and if you can’t find anything vintage that is also functional for an office and is not a fortune, i highly recommend this one.  It has shelves and holes for chords.  Its $299, but doesn’t look cheap (top pic below, ) 
and totally beats out the CB2 version that is $499
Other than that everything else is vintage:
That branch is a fig, and a rare find, strangely – hey growers, we want these.  grow more and sell them please.

The picture leaning up against the mood board is our wedding invite framed by my sister for us. 

 Our invite was just a 5×7 photo of Brian and I with a picture of a drawn heart taped up on the wall next to us, and we typed on it:

We are getting married.
and we think you should come.
Fair Oaks, Ca Sep 26, 2006

Then we put it in an envelope with an old school index card that had all the pertinent info typed on it.  it was crazy cheap and, well i still love it.  

Anyway, I don’t know how doing a ‘where i blahg’ turned into bragging about how cute and cheap I think my wedding invites were, but that’s my post today.  
so sue me. 



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